I must become a cat person for you

23 03 2015
Become a cat person A cat is independent at all times. A cat is selfish
A cat, when she is in need of attentions, she comes to you
Or she goes to the one she likes the most at that time, the one that can give her the most
She puts herself at the center of the world. Only her needs are important
A cat uses you when she needs you and forget about you when the need is over or someone better is around
A cat does not need anyone too long

I must not need you to still enjoy you. The moment you go away used to be the darkest because I still think about you as a person

You are a cat
Not my cat
Not anyone’s cat
When you will be anyone’s you’ll stop being a cat and you’ll be back to be a silly little girl

I still enjoy doing things with her and I am not ashamed of it
When she decides to come to me I enjoyed her warmth and her presence. It’s still difficult to not miss her presence, to not feel temporary empty, hollow, when she moves away from me. But I’m learning

She is a cat
A cat lives in the present, the past is not discarded but does not influences the choices, the future does not matter
A cat never stays in the same place for long

She will stop maybe soon and then stop to be a cat and I will stop missing her

Become a cat person

I must become a cat person, for you.. for me..




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