April fools

1 04 2015

The main thing about me is that I don’t need the 1st of April for feeling myself as a fool. But of course today the feeling is more proper 😉

So why not change something…


starting point.. always liked long hairs, but…


intermediate step.. realizing not 2 hairs have the same length.. better go for shorter


final step.. better shorten up everything, and also trim the beard a bit.. yeah, i am letting it grow.. wanna hipster myself a bit!


..and even if I always loved my long hairs, I finally took a decision for the change I promised myself on the 1st of March (mentally):

1st march 2015 – time to start changing, in facts and actions, not just words!!! I have let my mind living in the past dreaming it could be future. Better to accept the present (that it is not that bad, even very good one weekend every couple of months) and start making my own necessary changes for my own future. I’m not happy what I am right now but it’s up to me to find solutions. Earlier the answer had been #####. Let’s see now!! 加油安迪!

Since then I have already taken a couple of steps in a “new” life: almost three weeks I do not buy soda drinks and cakes/sweets from the shop. I also stopped consuming soda at work. I am giving myself some slack about the soda when I am traveling (mainly for Aikido). And if you wonder, beer, even having bubbles, is not included in the soda drinks I cut out!!!

Anyway I must be the one making decisions and undergo changes, in my personality, in my attitude, in my behavior, in myself in order to appreciate better what I got and find solutions that make my life better for what I am looking for.

I am a fool, but sometimes I remember to use my brain!

Because nothing is obtain easily and nothing is given for free by “the gods”..

God forgiveness!



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