You liar!

18 05 2015

Finally today I found a set of dice in order to play again my favorite (drinking) game learnt in China, played everywhere in bars, clubs, discos and KTVs. As long as there are at least 2 people sitting together at the same table you can be sure they will start playing this, soon or later, better if one of the two is a girl because it makes more interesting and gives better motivations, but it is not a necessary condition. Actually if you sit alone in any club or bar you can be sure that some of the bar girls will come to you for playing this game, and drink more together.

@ Phebe

bar girls in Phebe club, Hefei

This is the 100% sure way to have customers keep drinking and using their time in a funny way, and the game is a little more advanced than 789, that is only based on luck and no skills.

This dice game is also known in west countries, under the name “Liar” but the one I know is the proper Chinese version, called 吹牛, chuīniú, that means both liar and bullshit! In my version the 1s are wild cards that can take any other value (but if they are called by one player as 1, then they are permanently stuck at that value and no 1 on the table for any layer can be used as wild card).

Any player would just need 5 six-sided dice in a cup for shuffling them: 1 shuffle and set the cup on the table, hiding the dice values from the other players, but you can sneak a peek (if by chance the values of the 5 dice are 2-3-4-5-6 with no double, a second shuffle is allowed).

dice set

ready to play.. just need company!!

After all players are ready, the bidding starts for guessing the amount of a given number is present on the table among all players. The bidding can go on for some time until one player call to look at the dice under the cups and make the final count: the calling is when one player does not believe anymore the bids are real. If they are, the caller lose and drinks, otherwise the last one bidding lose.. and drinks!

Bluffing is the best and trickiest part of the game. Bidding on numbers you do not have to make the other players believe and bid accordingly leads always to funny results. Girls working in clubs are usually pretty good so they get the customer drinking while they keep a little more sober, but I managed more than once to win big time, then getting some of those pretty ladies quite wasted (and even angry by losing from a foreigner, a laowai!).

Most of the time the game is played in noisy places so it is good to know how to count in Chinese using one hand, a nice set of gestures for numbers 6 to 10, useful also when bargaining on the streets!

After a good night playing, a common view of the tables around a typical bar is a large amount of empty bottles, several plastic cups turned upside down (hiding the dice), happy or tired girls drinking the last glasses before heading home..

cuties @ Madison

end of the night in Madison – Hefei



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