Spiekeroog: a new German adventure!

22 05 2015

No, Spiekeroog is not the name of a new girl I like, but the location where I will be this weekend for a great seminar with three impressive teachers, Dirk Müller, Jorma Lyly and Michael Masch.

Unfortunately the place is quite far north but apparently it is a lovely little island, where we will be able to have great Aikido and.. relax!

Relax though is not the word I got on my mind right now, because apparently “ze Germans” are not anymore the perfect system providing a perfect railway service.

Since back in Europe, for different reasons, I have traveled often to Germany and punctuality of the trains has never impressed me! Japan has a “perfect” system, Germany.. come on!

Like a couple of weeks ago (when I went to Berlin for one great Aikido week), German railway system experienced a strike, that luckily ended already (even if when it started it was not declared the length: that was worrying!!) but introduced (for now) one change in my trip tonight, to Osnabruck (where tomorrow I will join some German Aikido friends for reaching Spiekeroog by car):

Utrecht to.. Germany..

Change of the last train

..but the real adventure will be on the way back, after the ferry trip from the island to main land, and it will include a bus and “several” train changes:

top of German nowhere to.. Utrecht.. hopefully!

The last transfer, with only 2 minutes, is in Holland, and if I will miss that train, as it will probably happen, I am not too concerned, since before midnight the train frequency in the Netherlands is very good. Crossing fingers for all the previous transfers, I might be able to get home before the end of Monday 🙂

Good luck to the brave travellers 😛



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