Kick-ass female drum player!

8 06 2015

Sunday night I watched at ACU a very interesting documentary about Beijing punk scene. It was mainly focused on the project of promoting punk bands in a local pub/live scene, D-22, unfortunately closed in 2012 and I cannot find info about the mentioned following project of the founder, Michael Pettis. But it was quite interesting and in particular I got to know 2 Beijing’r bands that I really hope to see live soon or later: Hedgehog 刺猬 and Demerit.





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Envy for Chinese girls

8 06 2015

Many of my Chinese female friends would be extremely envious of this beauty form Anhui province:


Dong Lei, 20 y/o, 1.82 meters tall with 1.15-meter-long legs!!!


Definitively not the Leilei I knew, that was indeed a pretty girl, but maybe 1.15 meters was just a little less than her full height!! 😛