Kick-ass female drum player!

8 06 2015

Sunday night I watched at ACU a very interesting documentary about Beijing punk scene. It was mainly focused on the project of promoting punk bands in a local pub/live scene, D-22, unfortunately closed in 2012 and I cannot find info about the mentioned following project of the founder, Michael Pettis. But it was quite interesting and in particular I got to know 2 Beijing’r bands that I really hope to see live soon or later: Hedgehog 刺猬 and Demerit.





Demerit seemed a very disillusioned band, knowing they cannot really change anything with music (after the ’60s nobody did, even if many think they got that power..) so they try to survive in a difficult society where if you do not have a job you count nothing.

Hedgehog was a rush, especially for Atom, the drum player: this tiny girl sitting on the little stool and beating the hell out of the drums in front of her with a most relaxed and from time to time smiling face.. reminds me of Aikido practice!!

The live footage was perfect, the energy was amazing, but it was all stuff from D-22. Now on YouTube you find several more professional videos and I must admit that the band evolved to a more acoustic rock, maybe a tiny too soft respect to what I saw Sunday. On the other hand, a recent live show had still lots of the past energy:

I’d like anyway to have a chance to see both bands live in China one beautiful day, when back in the country!

Wednesday, again in ACU, I’ll go to check out a newer band, Carsick Cars, also from Beijing, also from D-22 area and then the spin-off label, Maybe Mars, started by D-22 creators.

Apparently the punk/rock evolution has been constant and more and more interesting bands are popping up for a better alternative scene!



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