Daily activities to stay healthy: sex & Aikido!

9 06 2015

I have always thought that sex is the best “sport” to keep fit, now finally I got written evidence of several reasons why we should practice every day!

My biggest problem is in finding a partner for this activity!

It is quite funny that when I read the evidence above I mentally and automatically did switch the word sex with Aikido and getting more or less the same result, even if a few maybe should be confirmed by doctors, like Aikido preventing Erectile Dysfunctions (#14), protecting the prostate (#11), lowers high blood pressure (#3), giving regular periods (#13) and a healthier semen (#16). #9 – Less chances of cancer, might be open to discussion even for the sex argument! 😉

The rest of the reasons why one should do sex every day are true for Aikido as well, no discussion there! And the proof is when you meet happy, healthy, cool Aikido people all over the world!

Certainly both Aikido and sex can be done alone, but they are certainly and undoubtedly much funnier when done with a partner!!!

Long time ago I had written some jokes about AA, Aiki-holics Anonymous, like a 12 step program to decrease your abuse of Aikido or when you do know you have been doing too much Aikido. It was a small project that almost at the same time, without talking about this, I think, it was started by a friend on Facebook. So as sex can become and addiction, we do know Aikido does the same as well! WE know that all too well!!

Recently the good friend that introduced me to Aikido, when I wrote the post about the HER I miss most in my life right then, told me: “What have I gotten you into!!!“.. it tells all!! Given I did not buy a keikogi until the end of my first year, that I started just to try something new that this friend managed to present in a very appetizing way, I certainly developed my addiction during the years.. Similar of course with my own interest for sex! 🙂

Unfortunately I admit that nowadays it is much easier for me to have a daily intake of Aikido than sex (with partners, both!), but I do not despair! I have had periods where the former was strongly lacking while the latter was abundant, and (shorter) periods where both balanced perfectly, so I do not lose my hopes and with the good Aikido I got now in Amsterdam, I keep my eyes open for some more of the other kind of activity, to reduce my risks of cancer and … have more regular periods?!? ah no, not that one.. the healthier sperm and no ED more interesting (even if an erection is something definitely  not recommended during Aikido practice!!)

You might think that this word switch between sex and Aikido is because I got too much of one and the little of the other.. Not too difficult to guess what I’d really need now…



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9 06 2015
7th Son of Satan

Alas, one more reason why we are Aiki brothers, we agree that sex and Aikido are the best things in the world.

Well to me, sex is better than Aikido, but I digress.

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10 06 2015

i am this man right now!!
I might have been digressing as well though 😉

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