It is not your business!

20 06 2015

Recently I noticed a biggest truth, that applies mainly to a girl answer, but not only, it can often be generalized to both genders.

When a girl to a direct question, maybe a little outside the realm of the present relationship between us (and I mean this mainly as a friendship, but most of the time a solid friendship of the kind that you talk freely about everything), answers with:

It is not your business!

…she means:

YES, you are right!
but do not ask anymore..

I learnt it in the bad way, but after realizing it, it made much easier to understand where a conversation, and in a couple of cases also a relationship/friendship, was heading..

Of course understanding a girl is never easy: there might be a 10 step wiki-how or two, there are blogs telling you how to not make a fool of yourself but I think at the end the whole process follows the “try, fail and repeat” (hopefully better) routine.

I got at the end of the fail session and trying to starting the repeat step. And having understood this little bit of the communication process will be useful in the close future!!

This is a little bit like everything else in life, and understanding the basic rules of communication can open doors.. and not only 😉





One response

21 06 2015
7th Son of Satan

Yeah, if you catch women (especially Chinese women!) on a lie or something like that they’ll get defensive. That’s a good sign that you hit the “nail on the head” as we Americans say.


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