Czech Republic and Slovakia.. I’m coming!!

26 06 2015

First summer Aikido holidays starting tonight: flight to Prague, then tomorrow moving to Boskovice with a weekend seminar with Martin Mlynar, 5.dan. Then back for a couple of days in Prague before moving to Puchov in Slovakia for Endo sensei seminar.

Lots of good Aikido and especially lots of time with very good friends that practice very good Aikido!

There are not many others great combinations as this one, and I can of course add an extra good point: Czech and Slovakian beer! Enjoyable and most of the time headache free!

First time for me in Puchov but the trip to Slovakia for this seminar awakes the great memories form the past attended seminars in Zilina, where I also met for the first time quite a few of the peopel that in they ears became very good friends, even if we did not meet that often anymore.. Aikido anyway is a binding, communion experience: nothing religious, even if we do share something that goes beyond the pure technical aspects..

great solution! P1090492
P1090406 sleeping on the hill..

Many years have gone by, many things have changed in my life, in my friends life and maybe more relevant, in my Aikido. Still I move around though, and when maybe I have different feelings for different senseis, the Aikido feelings are always there, and what I can get from interacting with these kind of friends is too enriching! Too special, even when other feelings toward teachers have changed.

P1090645 the travellers
P1090597 full plates in Zilina

It is going to be great and it is exactly what I need right now.. 2 months after.. when my mind is risking to induce me to make some mistake I do not want, when the thinking becomes sometimes unbearable, it is good to have friends close by and spend most of the time on the mats sweating off the wrong intentions!

Timing, essential as always!




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