Why not?

30 06 2015

It might be (it is) not the best coffee of the world, but it’s a place that saved me from depression in Longgang during my last period in China, and therefore I have lots of respect for Starbucks.

So why not killing some time before practice in one shop close to Karlin dojo?


And like in China, the time goes by relaxing, looking around at the people walking past and the local beauties inside and outside the place, hoping maybe to struck a word or two with one of them and get a contact (for what use, even I still am not sure… but like in China, a contact is always good, and can lead to something..).

But knowing I’m not that good at picking up girls (ahhh always easier for any girl to pick up boys! That’s not fair 😉 ), I always come prepared, equipped with a good book:


Last update: it might be a worldwide Starbucks rule, but in so many different places for some cosmic reasons the prettiest Starbucks working girl is always the one most effectively hidden behind the coffee machines and counter top things. Is there a tactic so people will come back trying to sit in different places or staying longer and consuming more hoping the girl would eventually move? Hope to date such a girl and get an answer one day in the future….




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