Farmers looking for a crowd!

29 07 2015

A post mostly dedicated to my German speaking/understanding readers/friends (not that many I fear) but a good chance to share also some interesting work and concept!

A recently met Aikido friend from Austria is living in a self sufficient mountain community out of Graz area and she filmed and produced together with some friend that did the final editing the following interesting video (only in German unfortunately!!) about the community supported agriculture (CSA) in Austria (click on the picture):

Katharina and Dominik

The video has been broadcast at ORF and its original name is name “Bauer Sucht Crowd“: I am pretty sure the interest about this kind of agriculture model is growing, nowadays.

Soon there will be more “crowds” in the mountains all over around the globe.. probably a good step for preserving nature a little longer 🙂



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