A new start.. for my camera!

2 08 2015

One day too late (I should have had made this bought yesterday for the parade) I got a set of filters (UV protective lens, CPL circular polarizer and ND9 neutral density) and a cleaning set for my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7:


cleaning and filter set

After I had given away the protective lens filter for a promise to an important person, I was getting the idea that my Panasonic was getting close to its end. The mode dial does not work so good anymore and it the batteries were not for sale over here. But then I got good replacements on eBay and I am aware of the dial problem so I am just more careful when I use it. And I realized I still enjoy taking pictures with this camera, with good results (at least for my standard!).

I have still do take 2 more steps photography related because of a couple of mistake I made in China, moving and being messy as I always am: I managed to lose an extremely good Slik tripod and my too little used Nikon tele-objective, Nikon 80-200mm F/2.8 D Zoom-Nikkor AF ED.. both items on the expensive side for me right now, but both will be replaced just to mentally close also that chapter of my life.

Then start working on my photography skills again because realistically they could be useful in the future. And I like photography very much, time to do some serious training as well.



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