Long overdue

9 08 2015

I should have done it probably before the 2 Aikido summer camps in July but I always found reasons to postpone or laziness to avoid it. Yesterday finally I took the proper step and said bye bye to my own crappy and not uniform hair cut, with a good reset:

Long overdue cut

project beard continues.. I might need a Harley

I know, a few white hairs, too many in the beard.. I wonder why? She knows why 🙂 .. always “her” fault, whoever her could be, past or future ones 😉

Many thoughts about myself and the future recently, about some demons I am carrying around and how to fight them and how to discard them. I know I am not the only one with a heavy burden from the past but to be able to move to the future I must take some steps by myself, without waiting external aid.

I have been thinking a lot about my love for Asia and after a very good Chinese experience I have come to realize that Chinese language is far too advanced for me and probably I have no chance to learn it good enough in order to work again in China, in my dream place, Hangzhou, where unfortunately there are not that many chances for a laowai that do not speak Chinese. Especially in modern technology field, my field! And Hangzhou is the only place where I can think to live in China, because of Aikido, friends and location.. therefore I have to start close also mentally that chapter of my life: realistically I do not see how I can manage to move back to China for work.

Therefore I recently took up again my Japanese language books: I can imagine I will travel more often to Japan than China for Aikido and friends. So it is time again to learn this language and see if in the future I will be able to use it more!

Chinese hair dresser

Chinese hair dresser in Utrecht

Studying Japanese.. again!

studying Japanese again!

Still I have chosen as my hair dresser a Chinese shop where they do not really speak English, only Dutch and.. Mandarin. So, I will still need some practice in this great and difficult language and some help from Chinese friends 🙂



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