Stockholm! Yeah!

11 09 2015

Back on the way to Stockholm tonight, for meeting a new sensei: finally I will practice this weekend with Yamashima sensei in Sweden. This teacher have been suggested from so many other practitioners that I really look forward to this trip.

Elegant and effective Aikido, and according to several practitioners he is still the sensei closest to Yamaguchi sensei:

And from the main source, Yamaguchi sensei:

Another trip to Stockholm: memories of Aikido but also memories from another kind of visit are always coming back to me. Pleasant memories even when involving people disappeared from my life. Because at the end I had to decide what to keep in my mind and how, and fight the sadness and the demons. I decided to keep the good memories, the kind that one day in the future I might also allow myself to miss… or partly miss, because I will have soon more new memories to compare those with.. with new people and special people. They might also disappear from my life, but they will be remembered, because it sucks to have just bad memories! Too much wasted energy: better fight the pain with good thoughts!

Leave out the fights, take in the smiles!

On and off the mats, keep the good, get rid of the bad..

..that reminds me though that I still got tons of pictures to edit and post.. and now that the memories are less and less scary might be a good time to start this process!



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