Leiden, sightseeing and Aikido

25 09 2015

Last Sunday I visited a new place in the Netherlands: the town of Leiden. A good chance to combine some touristic sightseeing with Aikido practice at Hagumi dojo, where Lawrence is teaching.

Leiden is really a nice town, with lots of green and canal banks, with the oldest University in the Netherlands and several historical buildings spread around the city.

I was lucky as well with the weather and the nice contrast of against the sun pictures, with the rivers, boats, blue sky and interesting architecture.

Leiden Leiden
Leiden Leiden

Then joining Lawrence practice was also good: a nice mix of beginners and advanced students for 2 hours of basics. Great to meet new Aikido people in another dojo and always a chance to discover new realities (for me, since Aikido in Leiden is an established one!).

Leiden university

University buildings

Selfie in Leiden

Selfie in the clouds

Among the Aikido people I met, a special mention to Alexandra, a very interesting visual artist as you can see from her diversified works. I enjoyed in particular the live performances: I had never thought a painter could perform “live” as a musician, but this combination of genres in Alexandra’s Colourful Identities performance is really cool. I hope I will manage to assist as well to such live performances.. maybe in her future, combining Aikido and other visual arts!



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