Kuribayashi sensei in Belgium!

30 10 2015

After two weeks where I did not practice at all, touring Europe for business, I’ll be soon off to Bekgium for the last seminar this year with Kuribayashi sensei.. of course, not my last seminar this year! 🙂


Given the picture that had been used, I really have to go!

Condition probably not at best, and got very few hours sleeping in the past 2 nights.. but so looking forward to practice!

From next week, back to normal training habits! 🙂

Farewell to a window on Autumn

26 10 2015

Shy of two years, I bid farewell to my place in Utrecht.



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Germans are smart!

21 10 2015

Ok ok… Swiss!!! But about the same, especially the only word… a sentence in any other language 😉


All clear now!!!

How many did you know?

15 10 2015

Me? Not that many, but one in particular makes me looking forward to 2017!!!

minion collection

I hate sewing!!

9 10 2015

I have been lucky in Norway and China where I always had someone close good at sewing… because besides hating it, I suck big time at that!!

But no help anymore so today, waiting for my neighbor to unlock the building door since this morning I forgot my keys inside, I did sew my hakama, a long postponed job (that I had planned to do in the lunch break, reason why I had all the necessary with me!).


sitting outside with a needle in my hands…

Not a great job but I hope it will survive for Franck Noel sensei seminar in Stockholm.

Wonderful weather though for sitting outside.. let’s see how it will be in Sweden, but with friends and Aikido all will be perfect anyway!


another beautiful day

..now I am inside.. finishing packing then going to the airport.. Stockholm, I’m coming!! yeah 😉

I *should* care less!

5 10 2015

Words are words, then the meaning is what make them special, but who decides that? Not the being special but the meaning of those words?

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Italian home

3 10 2015

As I have been told:


I’m always a big baby!