Farewell to a window on Autumn

26 10 2015

Shy of two years, I bid farewell to my place in Utrecht.



Finally I had the courage to move to Amsterdam (even if I still got only a temporary place) and leave behind some memories.

I started an update of myself, an 安迪 (Andy) 2.0 beta version. I saw a successful version of this updates but it was a German patch. It contained several extras and special features accurately designed for the Chinese market that I will not have, especially since I will aim to a different market!! Tried and failed there, time to fail on the European market as well, maybe on the German one! 😉

In truth I believe the Italian/world citizen update can be as good and successful than the German one, or better, even without the extra feature, but only with a pure clean-restart..

I leave behind a place full of good memories though… I keep those memories as I keep pictures… I leave behind the “empty space”… I took with me much, all else… and got space for new memories again…





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