Magic Aiki-feelings!

10 11 2015

Thanks to Sigurd I finally got a very nice picture with the Aiki-wizard, Jorma Lyly sensei from Vanadis Aikido dojo in Stockholm, one of my favorite instructors and Aikido inspiration. The kind of teacher able to establish contact and connection even to.. stones! As I was when I met him!

Ikkyo Pin

The pictures are from the 20th yearly seminar organized by Sunyata Aikido in Heggedal, Norway and more exciting pictures are also available (hopefully public).

In every place where I have visited for longer periods, or started practicing in a stable way, Jorma is the teacher I always dream to bring for visits and then establish a new connection for him… and I have never managed… yet!

But since 2004, when I first met Endo sensei (8. dan Aikikai), Tissier sensei (7. dan Aikikai) and both Jorma Lyly and Jan Nevelius (both 6. dan Aikikai), teachers at Vanadis Aikido dojo in Stockholm, my Aikido has started taking consistency and changing along a path that has not only improved my technique but also my life.. at least it has given me a “tool” to handle the low moments of that above mentioned life!

Jorma has been one of the most important and stable teacher in my growth!

And I cannot forget to mention also Sunyata main teacher, Mouliko Halen, 7. dan Aikikai, an example of sharpness and cleanliness of Aikido movements.

The past weekend was the last time I meet Jorma this year so I take the chance to thank him for the patience with me, Sigurd for the picture and so many people I practiced together this year (and I still have a couple of seminars before closing 2015!) for the great time and help to deal with my “monsters”..

(at the end I did drop Jorma’s seminar in Cologne, a difficult choice, but wise!)




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