My typical *bad* luck!!

24 11 2015

One year of Aikido and traveling activity with an incredible low amount of injures, and all minor ones.

One tough year, at both the physical and mental level: people close to me know that it has not been easy, especially mentally, for different reasons (mostly, I know, because of my stupid head creating its own problems!)..

One long year with several trips, nights in dojos and sleeping on different floors and madrases, and never had a problem.. not even suffering much snoring this year! Or much cold, even if I have been mostly sleeping off airport floors covered with an Ikea blanket (even shared it once, but that was last year, so it does not count!).

One sweaty year of great practice in several countries with tons of different people: advance, beginner, tough, solid, soft, hard, stiff, and more.. and still I have come back from most seminars without serious injures.

One flying year with quite a few major seminars/appointments with senseis I really like, moving toward the “gran finale” of this coming weekend, back to Moscow with Irie sensei

Visiting Moscow

at Red square with Jerry and Yura

Visiting Moscow

Tenkan in red square with Jerry

…and yesterday night I had to interrupt practice because of a constant and bothering pain in my left shoulder!!

Damn luck!!!

Even with a quite relaxing (physically) weekend seminar in Bergen, where I have not particularly stressed any part of my body, yesterday at practice I felt tired quite fast and then suddenly a muscular pain in the shoulder, during the execution of normal basic techniques.. and no memories of bad extensions.. just pain and for once the intelligence to stop practice..

2 days, but tomorrow I will spend most of the night at the airport (leaving Thursday at 7 am and bad connection from the closest station, therefore, Schiphol by night again..) and it is not the easiest way to relax.. but I hope to have an acceptable condition for Friday at least!

Irie sensei seminar in Moscow - 2014

Irie sensei seminar in Moscow – 2014




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24 11 2015

Long warm hug! I wish you a speedy recovery.


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