A gem in the Underworld

10 12 2015

Last Saturday in Oslo I went to watch a wonderful Norwegian modern dance/theater performance (not even sure how to define the project) called Underlandet, “Underworld“, inspired by “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“, but developed along more modern and I think darker tones.

For me, an exceptional good experience, since Sara, one of my two acquired “nieces” from Oslo, is one of the main characters in the show.. and the youngest among the performers! She has gone a long way..A very nice trailer:

Fra Underlandet – Tage & Sara (Foto: Tom Sinding Larsen)

I doubt I will be a parent, but I felt so proud to see Sara “on stage” in an extremely interesting and captivating performance, a first time for me as well in this modern dance/theater world.

On Sunday, I had good time enjoying the company of both nieces, Sara and her little sister Silvia, when we visited Henie-Onstad Art Centre in Oslo. The main topic at the museum was the exhibition of the bastract works by Hilma af Klint, but after short time I admit I enjoyed more joining the girl outside and have some abstraction time with them, playing on the sculptures in the garden..

Family in Oslo Family in Oslo
Family in Oslo Family in Oslo

…and enjoying some Norwegian sky light effects:

Family in Oslo Family in Oslo



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