What a beginning of 2016!!

29 12 2015

Thanks to dear [Aikido] friends in Trondheim, I will teach for the first time a weekend seminar (even a paid seminar, even if the thought was scaring me..!)…

No, wait a second, it is not true!! The true part is that for the first time I will teach a weekend paid seminar, and this makes me indeed a little nervous, but in China I used to go at least once per month to Hangzhou (my dream city, the place where I should have moved to in 2013!) for weekend seminars, and quite demanding ones!!


Aikido weekend in Hangzhou

Anyway, back to Europe, in the weekend 9-10 January I will be on the mats of Trondheim Aikido dojo practicing with some local old and new Aiki-friends, warming up for hopefully a good year and a little earlier kagami biraki, 鏡開き..

aikidude in Moscow

Seminar in Trondheim (click for info)

Given the common background with most people in Trondheim (as written in the Norwegian poster, Endo shihan, and the Swedish Vanadis “team” Nevelius – Lyly senseis have been both for my friends up there and myself a constant inspiration and help in Aikido growth!), I will actually work more in my most recent Aikido developments, or, better said, slight change of direction: the Aikido of Irie shihan and the practice I am having in Amsterdam Aikido dojo with Tom Dijkman sensei, a good student of Yasuno shihan.

I hope we can work together and have fun with some different Aikido from what they are used to, and I also hope maybe to stimulate some interest toward different teachers that also visit Europe.. so maybe I can get some good company when travelling to their seminars! Yeah, selfish as usual!! 😉

But, the most important thing is that I hope they will be as happy as I will be to practice in Trondheim, or just to practice Aikido together!

For now, happy new year my friends! And see you soon!

PS The money is of course for the dojo or for a common use in pizza 🙂



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