I AMsterdam

1 01 2016

On the move again.. it makes me thing to my past transfers for either work reasons, studying, or just interest:

  1. Biella (Italy) to Trondheim (Norway)
  2. Trondheim to Oslo
  3. Oslo to Stavanger
  4. Stavanger to Hefei (China)
  5. Hefei to Shenzhen
  6. Shenzhen to Biella again, looking for a job in Germany, but it did not work out and it ended up as:
  7. Biella to Utrecht (Netherlands)

..and now we got:

…another little step, quite natural, given that most of the time I went out in the evenings it was in Amsterdam and I already practice in Aikido Amsterdam dojo!

“8” is a lucky number in China (in East Asia in general I think..) but not especially for me, since this one will not be the last move.. I can predict 2 more internal in Amsterdam, and it is the first time I move inside a city! 🙂 One is already totally organized (beginning of January), from East to De Pijp, both extremely nice areas in Amsterdam, and the second has a time label (end of April) but not yet a destination and I really hope to find a more permanent location (I’d love to stay longer in one of these 2 areas, but my hopes are not high).

I cannot make strong predictions about my future but I certainly hope and plan to spend the coming year in Amsterdam and know much better this interesting city.

For now, I’ve started my second move inside the city…

I Am(Will)sterdam… sort of! 🙂




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