2015 wrap up

8 01 2016

A few thoughts about last year. At some point I updated my commitment:

2015 Resolutions – updates:

  • learn something new
  • get passionate again about about something positive, constructive (..else than Aikido, reading, taking pictures and travelling – specified since in 2014 apparently I got passionate about.. rejections! Got worse this week, indeed)
  • stop doing always the same mistakes, especially with people! 向前走,莫回头! (got close again, but maybe I managed to be a little adult this time!)
  • work for my 3.dan in Aikido (when ever it might be) and work on my Aikido in general! (since I have realized I got not so much else to spend time for)
  • reach 75 kg reach 72kg: the path to this target has started already! I have been almost steadily around +/- 75Kg. in the past few months, so it is time to raise the bar!

…and failed!

I closed the year around 78 kg: not bad, but remaining at 75 kg is also a challenge especially if I do not practice every day and I have some more parties than expected!

Aikido is a difficult topic: I practiced a lot, almost as much as I could (I dropped maybe a couple of possible seminars) and I am feeling a slight push to “confirm” my level woth examination. But if I have no motivation in grading for Dutch federation, even liking Tissier sensei style: dan grading for me is a sort of tribute to the sensei I am following, to show him that I want to practice his Aikido. And right now this is impossible (Dutch federation would not grant me the possibility to grade out of Dutch territory: understandable, maybe, it was, for someone.. not open to discussion though).

For the rest, it is like I have never written those resolutions. Next year, maybe. In particular, for the mistake part, last night I got confirmed I had made a big one with some new Aikido friend. Sometimes I should shut up and get out of my own head. To be remembered. All it’s part of the learning and growth. Mistakes made with interesting people are probably a better teaching. Fate wants maybe that I take this as learning of something new for the year?

2015 Prediction:

  • I will travel a lot
  • there will be some changes
  • if I do not achieve the majority of those resolutions I will go nuts!!!

I changed house; I did travel a lot, mainly/only for Aikido, and a little for work; I did not manage to make real the majority of resolutions, therefore I am nuts.. On the other I have been going nuts for some time anyway.. it has not been an easy year.. again! My fault..

Let’s see 2016.. where I will be more realist I suppose!



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