2016 Resolutions & Predictions

11 01 2016

Maybe last time.. because they are actually more or less a copy from last year revised ones:

2016(5) Resolutions:

  • learn something new
  • get passionate again about about something positive, constructive (..else than Aikido, reading, taking pictures and travelling – specified since in 2014 apparently I got passionate about.. rejections!)
  • stop doing always the same mistakes, especially with people! 向前走,莫回头! (got close again, but maybe I managed to be a little adult this time!) — one add: stop comparing myself to other people! In life, work, Aikido and especially relationships! Some sort of typical masochism that results only in me feeling like a shit..
  • work for my 3.dan in Aikido (when ever it might be) and work on my Aikido in general! (since I have realized I got not so much else to spend time for)  — related to this one there is an extra goal: help a fellow Aikidoka in Amsterdam to develop, “find”, feel more her center 😉
  • maintain 75 kg rather than reach 72 kg: the path to this target has started already! I had been almost steadily around +/- 75 kg during the summer, but I certainly failed to keep it or push for the 72 kg goal.
  • the most important: care less!!!

2016(5) Prediction:

  • I will travel a lot
  • there will be some changes

Time to eliminate the learning part: I had of course in mind learning to play the guitar (there is a guitar in the room I rent now!) but I failed so many times that I think I am too stupid.. I’ll try again, but not as a resolution..

The most important part for me though is step forward in my life, both Aikido life and “the rest”. Not easy, in neither of them. But I got some motivations. Some thoughts/plans that need a bit more working on and maybe some further changes. I tried some this year, but the reason behind that change was not worth and I was never convinced about what I wanted. That is probably a first step: know what (not who!) I want, more or less..



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