A nice Sunday

29 02 2016

Friends, good food, great weather, blue sky, light and shadows and color and contrasts and bike: a real day in Amsterdam life style!

A Sunday in Amsterdam

what a day!

A Sunday in Amsterdam

waiting for the spring

A Sunday in Amsterdam

biking around

A Sunday in Amsterdam

Italian lunch.. hands ready… go!

A Sunday in Amsterdam

sun scares the clouds away

A Sunday in Amsterdam

the corner view

Biking to work!

24 02 2016

With the move to Amsterdam, today I did ride my bike to work for the first time… and it was cold!!! Not only cold: I had to scrape off ice from the seat!! And in a couple of places the ground was so frozen that I had to let my ninja-Norwegian ice skills get back to me and avoiding slowing down by using the actual brakes, but trusting the ancient method of sticking a boot on the frozen ground, gradually and trying to keep the bike vertically..

Yes, I was lucky today! So many times I fell down in Norway 🙂

frozen road on the way to work!!

frozen road on the way to work!!


at work

On the other hand yesterday, walknig back home after work, I had to stop and just enjoy a fantastic sky:

quiet sunset

quiet sunset

home street

home street

I have decided I want to experience a little more of this life, in Amsterdam, both the aspects of working life and.. “just” life..

Bye bye Jakarta 

22 02 2016

Very little active, here, these days but a very nice short stay in Indonesia.

Great aikido but I’ll miss other delicious aspect of this country:

And a top skyscraper view on the first night that was just amazing:


Manila international airport… a joke!

17 02 2016

What a dump!!!

Worst international terminal I have seen in my life! Worse than several local Chinese small airports (not comparing to super terminals like Shanghai or Beining). Much much much worse than tiny Haneda Tokyo international!

In Haneda the toilet were still Japanese style, with super clean toilets and the reminder to Chinese that… it was not China: 

do not use the toilet Chinese style!!


Here I was afraid to catch a disease entering the toilet area, with 2 closed bathrooms and 2 overfilled urinators!!!! I can’t properly picture the smell..

But the “best” part is the following and it applies to all the tiny and sparse shops at international departure: 

cash only – no cards accepted

Are you kidding me???????

I’m transferring between Japan and Indonesia and of course I got no local valuta and…. there are no ATMs!!!!!

Wow!!! 😂 

I admit, a first time! Missing China!!!

Drunk on Kit-Kat

15 02 2016

Sounds crazy, but is it?

Sake taste (and especially smell) Kit-Kat!!! And おいしい (delicious) as well!!!

Not the only special taste I have found here… and a few more will most probably find their way home with me!

Parking sensei

12 02 2016

I have no clue how the owner got the motorbike up the steps, and it’s not a light e-bike but a real heavy engine one!!!


Happy Chinese New Year

8 02 2016

….from Japan!