Asia loves Italy..

6 02 2016

Or at least Vietnam: I have just found out that for my trip (<15 days) to Vietnam in March, for Irie sensei seminar and of course for sightseeing and new experience, I will not need a VISA, since I am Italian citizen!!


It applied for a few European and all Nordic countries (go Norway as well!) and it makes my life easier since I will go to Vietnam basically about 10 days after I come back from Japan.. to where I am traveling right now!

Deadlines are always stressful, like Friday it was my last day at Ijsselstein office: no, I have not changed job, but.. the job will change location, moving all together to Amsterdam! This will happen during my holidays so I had to pack my desk and say my goodbyes to the location. Not so sad goodbyes! Finally job, Aikido and life all in one place, and what a place: Amsterdam!

Other deadlines demand even more attention, not only when they are related to trips and passports: deadlines as expiration dates, you do not want to miss them! Like for the product below:

the deadline you do NOT want to miss!

the deadline you do NOT want to miss!

Maybe Vietnam and some other Asian countries do love Italy, but my personal outcome of relationships with Asian girls has always been at best weird.. so last night I had to dispose of too many unused and expired rubbers.. oh, so sad!!!! 😦

Let’s find some good Japanese replacement 😉



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