Biking to work!

24 02 2016

With the move to Amsterdam, today I did ride my bike to work for the first time… and it was cold!!! Not only cold: I had to scrape off ice from the seat!! And in a couple of places the ground was so frozen that I had to let my ninja-Norwegian ice skills get back to me and avoiding slowing down by using the actual brakes, but trusting the ancient method of sticking a boot on the frozen ground, gradually and trying to keep the bike vertically..

Yes, I was lucky today! So many times I fell down in Norway 🙂

frozen road on the way to work!!

frozen road on the way to work!!


at work

On the other hand yesterday, walknig back home after work, I had to stop and just enjoy a fantastic sky:

quiet sunset

quiet sunset

home street

home street

I have decided I want to experience a little more of this life, in Amsterdam, both the aspects of working life and.. “just” life..



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