Vietnam made apples interesting fruits!

30 03 2016

Days in Ho Chi Minh city were passing fast and like in Indonesia it was difficult to stop enjoying the great deliciously fruits typical of those tropical regions. Furthermore, the seafood in particular but all Vietnamese food as well has been a super treat, impossible to resist.

One word of advise: if you decide to continue reading, you might end up booking at once a trip to Vietnam! Proceed, at your own risk 😉

As in Jakarta I had finally eaten again mangosteen, I did see them as well in Ho Chi Minh but there, in one night, I tasted 2 new completely new fruits, Star Apple (or trái vú sữa, “milky breast“, in Vietnamese) and Sapodilla. The next morning an Aikido friend brought me a bag full of both fruits! Delicious, sweet, tasty..

Food in Vietnam

evening fruit soup with more than 10 different kinds

Star Apple

milky breast aka star apple


sapodilla (trái sa pô chê)

Food in Vietnam

a great present form a new aikido friend

The Vietnamese name of star apple (trái vú sữa, “milky breast“) comes from the squeezing technique of the fruit that makes it even softer and sweeter, with the juice mixing with the pulp. This juice is milky white and after having squeezed the fruit, drops of the juice come out from the top, like… mother’s milk from the breast..

As if it was not enough for my taste buds, I got to taste another apple, custard apple, entered into my life, together with a “return” that I had tasted maybe once or twice before in China, the red dragon fruit:

Food in Vietnam

custard apple

Food in Vietnam

fruit paradise

Food in Vietnam


Food in Vietnam

red dragon fruit, super sweet

This fruit paradise helped me to keep hydrated during the hot and dry days in HCMC and finally, all these variations of apples have made sexy a quite uninteresting and common fruit!!




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