6 04 2016

Sea shells, sea snails, sea.. alls! Not only amazing fruits in Vietnam, but also the offers from the sea have special flavors! Es-specially good ones!

Food in Vietnam

Food in Vietnam Food in Vietnam
Food in Vietnam Food in Vietnam
Food in Vietnam Food in Vietnam

I do not even try to name the different varieties: I recognized some clams and some snails similar to something I had in China. For the rest, I just enjoyed the flavors, natural and from the spices.

Add to that a great company, both by Aikido friends and new people I met there, and this 9 days in Vietnam have passed far too fast, but they have built a deep interest in visiting again this country and meet again these people, making also new connections!

Just for leaving you with some other “culinary visions” (the super traditional Phở, that every foreigner probably know, is not even closed pronounced as we thing “po” but it is a very difficult sound!!!), even if not snail-related, and then it is time to move on from food (and maybe post something else about places and people!):

yummy soup

Food in Vietnam

Proper Vietnamese Phở

Food in Vietnam

amazing home food

Food in Vietnam

mix of sweet soups




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