On the Aikido road

24 04 2016

Sunday morning, on the bus that was taking me to the last session of a very good Aiki-wizard Jorma Lyly seminar in Trondheim, I suddenly realized a strange fact: since I left Stavanger (April 2010) I have never attended an Aikido seminar in the same city  where I have been living at the time…

I have been on the road for a really long time (ok, mostly flying!)..

my "Lost Highway"

my “Lost Highway”

In China there was no Aikido club (Hefei) or the club activity  itself was not so interesting for me (Shenzhen). In Utrecht was more or less like in Shenzhen: I did practice in a club that organized a few seminars but my interests took me often elsewhere.

Now in Amsterdam, either I am traveling (work or aikido) when my club organizes a seminar or even the typical stage with Tissier sensei that took me here quite a few times, it has been moved elsewhere (national dojo in Papendal).

Actually the closest seminar to home has been in 2014 with Tissier sensei in Amsterdam, and at that time I was living in Utrecht.

I had 2 “sort of one evening” seminars, middle week: a jointed session Lia Suzuki sensei + Wilko Vriesman sensei and recently Ikeda Hiroshi sensei + Wilko Vriesman sensei… but one evening, 90 minutes sessions split in 2×45 minutes is more like a special practice than a “seminar”!!! Both evenings have been interesting, also meeting new teachers like Suzuki sensei and Ikeda sensei and they both showed some interesting aspects to work on. In particular, next year I will check Suzuki sensei European schedule.

I remember how easy and enjoyable is going home in Sunday afternoon after a good weekend seminar, with the body still resonating from the great practice vibes and the mind in a weird combination of states of excitement and calm, at the same time… and the feeling “I want more” imprinted in your back thoughts.. I still have the same feelings when I travel, but I get unfortunately much more tired and when I arrive home the first thought is always about laying down and switch the brain off!

And when the brain comes on again, I get to plan my next trip 😉



2 responses

26 04 2016
Lia Suzuki

Hi. Thank you for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed my class in Amsterdam!

Is this Andrea? Or someone else?

Yes, please check my European seminar schedule. Would be great to see you again. If you join my “virtual dojo”, you’ll receive notifications about upcoming seminars.


Looking forward to training together again soon!


28 04 2016


yes, it’s Andrea 🙂
Thx for the link, I have registered!
Looking forward to practice again with you in Europe!

Best wishes,



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