13 10 2016

Last week I had to stop practice after the first hour and it was a bit annoying: I have a couple of physical problems that are carrying longer than expected, and a few too many thoughts on my mind, that are also not helping.

During a first hour of several beginner techniques, working especially on ikkyo and with no throws at all, I had to compensate a lot a problem with one knee that is forcing me to avoid as well all suwariwaza work. That is boring, but last year, more or less in the same period I had the same problem, that went away with some rest..

hope... for something better....

hope… for something better….

The 2 girls that have been closest to me in the past years of my life used to make fun of me saying I am always injured, that my joints/muscles are made of glass. Unfortunately right now I feel that glass stuck inside my left knee (and some little bits in the right as well). Medically speaking, it is called bursitis, probably 🙂 and apparently needs more time to disappear.

A pity my usual Chinese medicine help this time did not fully contribute to the healing. I should probably try to pay more attention when I walked around or work to not crash into fixed obstacles, like open drawers, closets, benches, etc. Prevention, right?

Unfortunately, if this was not enough a couple of days ago I had the genius idea to change the soldering iron tip without checking if the system was on or off: it was at fully 400 C more or less and in the few fraction of seconds it took my nervous system to scream to my brain to release the tip I managed to get 2 large blisters on thumb and index finger of my right hand..

Two sides of burnt fingers...

2 looks of burnt

Of course last night I had practice and it was a good test both for the wrapping procedure of the fingers (succeed! good I got plenty of sports tape!) and to start using more of my brain at practice and avoid slapping the mats when doing ukemi. Good both for my finger and for this weekend seminar in Bratislava, with Ariga sensei, one of the closest student of Endo sensei, who hates the slapping during ukemi 🙂 No idea what Ariga sensei wants, but at least I’ll try to avoid doing that on the right hand side 😉

Good preparation to an important trip next week, to Tenerife, Santa Cruz for the last seminar of this year with my teacher, Irie sensei, and the celebration of 30 years anniversary of the Aikido association there.

My biggest worry is actually my left elbow/arm where the pain instead of decrease diffused toward the hand. Going to a proper doctor? Not yet, there are a few alternative solutions I want to try before. Probably after Tenerife.

Worst case, over there I will be more of a tourist before the weekend seminar and not push it for extra sessions.Being my first time in Spain, it is probably not a bad idea to feel like a tourist, not only an Aikido tourist 🙂



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