Anno bisesto, anno funesto!

28 03 2020

Leap year, sad year!

It is a typical Italian saying, but we are not the only ones thinking that the weird things happen… some weirdest than others! and just judging from these first few months, who can disagree with me, right? Movies, series, video games, mobile phone apps, books have anticipated situations similar to what we are seeing out of the window nowadays. Who would have believed it? Of course nobody could have except maybe for politicians (Trump for example?), green environmentalist nuts, I-know-it-all average Joe (Trump for example?), conspiratorialist (Trump for example?), end of the world visionaries with too much time on their hands ((Trump for example?) that now say to everyone that would listen to them that they knew it, it would have happened, this is the slope where humanity has been rolling down for ages, and they knew it! And of course they could not stop the roll because of the momentum acquired by the added mistakes of all other people!

So much blabla around these days that I decided to stick mainly to crude numbers from the news (just read that UK PM after dismissing the pandemic as exaggeration has tested positive to the virus.. karma? or just merely stupidity? Nor for me to say..). On other hand, I am an engineer and I believe in numbers. So far:

Covid-19 – Humanity: 1 – 0

But we keep playing. Humanity is known to be hard ass and not giving up easily. We keep playing and eventually we will win. On the other hand, it is about numbers, again: humanity as many expendable units inside the whole, and I am not the one defining what and who is expendable, unfortunately.. But the game is on and humanity if about winning the war, not single battles.. a stubborn SOB this humanity of ours!

Numbers that are relevant are also the number of emergency vehicles that are driving past my window. Working from home (2 weeks today) gives a clear view outside. Too clear sometimes. Like seeing people walking by, groups, children, nobody giving a flying fuck about the recurring messages from (a very tardive activating) Dutch government. I live in an African-Caribbean highly populated area and I wonder if the people here trust the virus contagion numbers coming from their home countries, thinking that their race is stronger and less affected by the virus. I believe the numbers like many other things in countries with either unstable political/social situations or less centralized governments cannot really be trusted. The tests are expensive and even USA only recently is showing real contagion numbers, not just few cases here and there, since only few tests were performed, here and there. 

In NL we still do not have compulsory lockdown and stay at home orders, only social distancing (1.5 m, not the usual European 2 m: these Dutchies are really doing everything to be different..), and when I queue in the supermarket I see people do not really know what 1.5 m looks like (I start thinking the infamous 10 inches BBC is really a myth when people in my area thinks that 20 cm is equal to 1.5 m). So I lockdown myself trying to avoid going to shop (I got plenty of food at home for ages, unfortunately though the fresh veggies need to be replenish from time to time, otherwise the food gets “a little” boring and repetitive).

But I still got a job, I got an unexpected permanent contract since January so at least, if let go because of virus (last and least experienced in my department) I will have some social protection in unemployment and, personally and honestly, I have not been afraid of changing work in my life. If it happens, i will take it at the time and look for the next step. My numbers in this matter are good, even if between my first job in NL and this one i had a short 8 months experience that I should write about in the future.

Yeah you got it, if you got reading until here (wow! thx!): this is just a “hello world, I’m back.. or I am still here”. I have been writing in my head so many times. I have started so many posts but never clicked the post button. Things have changed especially after China. I still love Asia, I have been several times now in Vietnam and Indonesia in particular, for Aikido, amd twice back in China (Hangzhou and Shanghai) to visit my Aikido friends there and seen how strong relationships I have established, I am so happy about it (by the way, all Chinese friends are ok, especially but not only the ones in Wuhan). 

Asia remains in my heart though. So far I had to cancel a work trip to Philippines (it would have been my first time) and Vietnam, but if I will have this job it will happen, eventually! I do not want to think though about the numbers of trips (Aikido and not) I had to cancel or postpone and when it will be all possible to get back to a normal life. I will be back in Asia. Not for living (I think) but for traveling for sure.

Another number I do not want to think about during these days it is scary: my weight! No Aikido, house restrictions, working from home, cooking my own meals and especially my deep loath in jogging are not helping! Let’s see which kind of whale will roll out of my room..

And the year can look like crap so far, but we are in April, do not forget it! Yeah, so much more crap can still roll in our directions in the next 8 months :-), true, but we can still flip the table, I mean, humanity as a whole. Being stubborn helps in the long run and also having the numbers, it actually help even more! And besides the expendables there are really smart folks working hard in the background to help the sick and solve the crisis. Let’s see what will be left after and how things will change, because something will (besides the size of my belly, I mean!) and let’s see how the life of expendables like me will change. 

For now it is live day by day and stop planning because there is not an end line yet. And in this day by day let’s see if I manage to post again some of my thoughts, and shape some of the blog ideas I have both about Aikido blogging in this aikidude format but also about photography, in another project that is taking shape, but not deserves a link just yet.

Go kick ass, humanity! We are all with you!

Ball in the center, let’s go!



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