Aikido Glossary Update

9 04 2020

After ages, a quite needed update of one of my most clicked pages was done: Aikido Glossary has been reviewed and some corrections/references to very useful comments made.

It is a live page that I had not followed enough, as the rest of the blog, but I still hope is visitors contributions and corrections, and also hope someone else will find it useful and/or interesting.

2 sections have been added (after too long I must say):

Weapon Practice

External Credits

..and quite a bit reviewing and corrections thanks to the comment section have been also done.

I hope it serves and interests more people than just myself and if anyone is interested in using some of my work here, I’d love just a reference back 🙂

I got a remote hope/ambition to make an equally complete glossary for Iaido, another part of my life, unfortunately mostly past life. Let’s see how it will go!

46 = 23 * 2

4 04 2020

Duh! You knew it right?

But for me this easy mathematical expression means quite a bit more..

First of all this post was supposed to be posted on 30th July 2018 but that summer was quite bummer, and several things, of the bad kind, happened, starting with BBPV. Then followed by other ridiculously depressing news that so far I have refrained from writing about here (I will, eventually). But since I am going through unposted drafts, here we are 🙂 …

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Pictures I Love

3 04 2020

From mass uploader on flickr, to a recent change, more about quality, I started a new visual project called Dakkar Photography.

What is “Dakkar”?

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