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3 04 2020

From mass uploader on flickr, to a recent change, more about quality, I started a new visual project called Dakkar Photography.

What is “Dakkar”?

First of all it is not Senegal capital, Dakar, that relates as well to the famous race. It is not a mistake that it is spelled with 2 K’s. But also it is not a celebration of the Somali city Dakkar, that I discovered today googling for reference links 😉

I learnt the name Dakkar from an Italian comic series, one of my favorite ever: Nathan Never, and in particular the so called “NathanNeverone“, a special edition in large (almost book) format, titled “Doppio Futuro” (Double Future). This was the first special edition in Nathan Never series. So What is Dakkar?

  • (Prince) Dakkar is the real name of Captain Nemo, hero of  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1869) and The Mysterious Island (1875) by Jules Verne.
  • Dakkar is the name of a spaceship in the future, derived from the USS Enterprise in design and characteristics. This future is of course relative: Nathan Never story is already in “our” future, but a large part of the story is in his future.
  • Dakkar is also the nickname of the spaceship captain, that is Ann Never, the daughter of the comics hero, Nathan. In Ann’s future Nathan is actually a mythological figure, a hero with white hair that fought against a race of “bio-robots” that had tried to rule Earth. This hero is called Nemo.

The name just stuck in my brain.

It was beginning of 1995 when I read the comics. End of July that year I moved to Trondheim, Norway, for my 10 months of Erasmus exchange scholarship. And once arrived there we had been asked to create an email address, because differently from Politecnico in Torino (and most universities and schools in Italy at that time) that was free access to large computer rooms, easy access to email both school and private ones. And that’s when I discovered internet! I’m so old!!!! 😀

Long story short, I decided that my first email was “dakkar69″ and the digits 69 do not mean what you are thinking! Because, do not pretend differently, I know what you are thinking! It was only just too funny to see people (girls especially) reactions to it, but it is not that! I am born in July, I am a proud cancer and the zodiac symbol is of course:


…that then when you turn it around becomes 69…. exactly what you were thinking right? 😉

So, Dakkar has been with me for a long time, even if I do not use that email anymore. But I want to keep a piece of it in my life, maybe in my own double future, where one part of me is linked with photography (the other part is just Aikidude).

The photolog just started, very few picture, but Dakkar Photography has been a reality (on IG) for some time now, where I have been challenging myself in different styles, working not anymore only with landscapes (as I did for most of my life) but also models, portraits and black & white.

As for anything else in my life, let’s see where the road will take me…



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