Following the heart?

25 08 2015

Recently I had to make a tough Aikido choice that has been described by a few friends as “following my heart”, while for me it has actually been the opposite, more a brain decision, for which I thought it over and at the end it was not something easy. I actually had to leave aside my heart. Something not easy for me, as people that know me can tell..

My heart is glowing..

heart pains

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You roll, 你滚!!

20 08 2015

..and I rock.. as a rock, I mean :-)

A little more than a week to the start of a new semester of Aikido weekends.. starting with Fjords’n’Aikido Seminar with Marc Bachraty, 5. dan in Stavanger.

After this, lots has already been planned and some tickets have been bought.. some it is still in the planning phase.. and listening the song below from the radio at work, I thought it was appropriate for the moment, for the steps to the beginning of a new Aikido semester, and the steps toward a new year..

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Am I back in China?!?

13 08 2015

This morning I was biking to the train station, quite early for me (just before 7 am) and not far from my place, just on the curb on the side of the bicycle line, there was a middle-age Chinese man doing some morning gymnastic, sort of typical morning Tai Ji forms I used to see when back in my beloved China!

morning taiji


Tai chi on the lake


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Czech Republic and Slovakia.. I’m coming!!

26 06 2015

First summer Aikido holidays starting tonight: flight to Prague, then tomorrow moving to Boskovice with a weekend seminar with Martin Mlynar, 5.dan. Then back for a couple of days in Prague before moving to Puchov in Slovakia for Endo sensei seminar. Read the rest of this entry »

Daily activities to stay healthy: sex & Aikido!

9 06 2015

I have always thought that sex is the best “sport” to keep fit, now finally I got written evidence of several reasons why we should practice every day!

My biggest problem is in finding a partner for this activity!

It is quite funny that when I read the evidence above I mentally and automatically did switch the word sex with Aikido and getting more or less the same result, even if a few maybe should be confirmed by doctors, like Aikido preventing Erectile Dysfunctions (#14), protecting the prostate (#11), lowers high blood pressure (#3), giving regular periods (#13) and a healthier semen (#16). #9 – Less chances of cancer, might be open to discussion even for the sex argument! ;-)

The rest of the reasons why one should do sex every day are true for Aikido as well, no discussion there! And the proof is when you meet happy, healthy, cool Aikido people all over the world!

Certainly both Aikido and sex can be done alone, but they are certainly and undoubtedly much funnier when done with a partner!!!

Long time ago I had written some jokes about AA, Aiki-holics Anonymous, like a 12 step program to decrease your abuse of Aikido or when you do know you have been doing too much Aikido. It was a small project that almost at the same time, without talking about this, I think, it was started by a friend on Facebook. So as sex can become and addiction, we do know Aikido does the same as well! WE know that all too well!!

Recently the good friend that introduced me to Aikido, when I wrote the post about the HER I miss most in my life right then, told me: “What have I gotten you into!!!“.. it tells all!! Given I did not buy a keikogi until the end of my first year, that I started just to try something new that this friend managed to present in a very appetizing way, I certainly developed my addiction during the years.. Similar of course with my own interest for sex! :-)

Unfortunately I admit that nowadays it is much easier for me to have a daily intake of Aikido than sex (with partners, both!), but I do not despair! I have had periods where the former was strongly lacking while the latter was abundant, and (shorter) periods where both balanced perfectly, so I do not lose my hopes and with the good Aikido I got now in Amsterdam, I keep my eyes open for some more of the other kind of activity, to reduce my risks of cancer and … have more regular periods?!? ah no, not that one.. the healthier sperm and no ED more interesting (even if an erection is something definitely  not recommended during Aikido practice!!)

You might think that this word switch between sex and Aikido is because I got too much of one and the little of the other.. Not too difficult to guess what I’d really need now…

My effect on people and things!

5 06 2015

Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them:

Therefore anything inserted in a pre-existent system will have an effect, contribute to some changes, that can be at micro-level or at macro-level, depending on the consistency of the new body.

I have realized that I do affect as well the environment around me, in some very peculiar ways.. not big galactic changes as it could be a star imploding in a hopefully far away solar system, but still my presence in close vicinity to human beings, animals or things provokes changes.. alterations of reality.. subliminal, physical and metaphysical modifications of nature.. all enough to be perceived.. at least by me!

My effect on males:

  • anyone suddenly becomes so much more cool, handsome, funny, popular, attractive, confident, interesting and available when side by side with me;
  • some men get taller, lose weight, the hairs grow faster and more stylish, the breath smells so good that girls start kissing them passionately (usually the girl I have been talking with for a few hours trying to work my way through..);
  • idiots suddenly appear as best conversation companions in the whole world (or at least in a 3 meter radius around me), and, why stop at talking, right?

My effect on females:

  • their period starts, unexpectedly most of times;
  • sudden headaches are not uncommon, especially when it comes time to go to bed;
  • even with totally disinhibited girls usually interested to sleep with any male crossing their path or feeling excited and half way out of their clothes when a complete stranger just smiles at them, they completely lose sexual drive when I come around;
  • on the positive side, I can make girls smile, laugh (sometimes too much, uncontrollably, but with a face like mine what can I say..);
  • I am a proven insomnia cure: best medicine for falling asleep especially when spending an evening together;
  • school projects, home works, studying, exam preparation, marks, results are again a major priority in every day life.. at least for the time I am around!

My effect on animals & children:

  • they always feel comfortable with me: animals & children do like me a lot! Probably because they see someone very close to them, that thinks in the same way, that behaves in the same way..

My effect on things:

  • computers (laptop in particular) find a fast way to death;
  • iPhones die as well;
  • the weather changes: clouds seem to accumulate faster over my head than uniformly over the sky;
  • in a thunderstorm, do not come stand close to me..

So, for experimenting, throw me in a room full of different people, animals and things and see things happening!

June, 4 – 1989: Why?

4 06 2015

Sad anniversary today: the Tiananmen Square Massacre happened 26 years ago, and it is still very clear in the collective memories, at least outside China for what the international press could offer to the world view.

The image we all foreigners (laowai) remember too well is the single man in front on the tank column:

Tank Man

It was June 5, 1989, the morning after the Chinese military had suppressed the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 by force.

Another image will always remain impressed in my memory (also because it had been printed as full page with no other words), from Sergio Staino, Italian comics author for the periodic called “Cuore“, a left wing satiric magazine:

well done, “comrade” Deng!

A strong image, from left-wing people crying sad tears for the worst application of Communism in reality..

Officially it is thought that the memory of the Tiananmen Square protests appears to have faded in China, especially among younger Chinese people, due to government censorship and many pages about these facts, Wikipedia included, are blocked in China. But in my short experience in China, participating to English corner events at the university of Hefei, I got more than once questions about our foreigner vision or knowledge of the protest in those days. Warm and delicate topic to treat. Difficult to be objective, even for a person in love with China as I am!

To my surprise though, quite a few of young students used the various VPN and proxy not only for Facebook or YouTube but also for reading international news and information and jump over the so called Great Firewall of China. Still, politics in particular and how China is seen from abroad are topics I always preferred to avoid.

I admit though that the sad anniversary takes me back to happy days in China and in Hefei, especially. And browse through my past posts brought me some sadness and longing feeling of that life, those people (one in particular, at least in my mind image of her), that food (!!)… I’ll be back one day and some things, not all fo course, will be equally good. Some other, maybe, probably, even better!


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