Yes, I was in Budapest!

16 03 2015

Technically I still am… but since I have posted pictures mainly in Facebook and other Chinese media, I want to post a couple of shots here as well before going home and spend some time editing more pictures.

I spent two half days or so as tourist, at the end of the Aikido seminars (Pécs and Budapest). Both walk around the center took me to the west hilly side to have a look at the center from some height.

Especially beautiful yesterday night from the Citadel. And tiring climb to the place!!

Saturday night after practice I went to my previous Norwegian Aikido teacher, Erik, to an open air Turkish thermal bath, and it had been a great choice for my body..

A few pics here, more hopefully will come!





On the road again..

10 03 2015

My trip to Stockholm was cancelled, but tonight I will be on the road to Hungary for 2 events (Pécs and Budapest) with Kuribayashi sensei, one of my favorite teachers, since the first time I met him at hombu dojo in 2008, when with a nice group of “Norwegian” aikidokas we were on the way to Tanabe.

A couple (more than 2!) of people will not leave my mind, but they never do. I will miss them and always hope they were with me, but it’s part of life…

Tonight I will test Budapest airport, certainly hoping it will be open during the night! Tomorrow morning train to Pécs where I have rented an accommodation through Air bnb, also for the first time!

Lots of first time things for my first visit of Hungary, and it will be mostly Aikido.. but I certainly will plan maybe a summer visit of Budapest!

Also, last but not least, I have never kissed a Hungarian girl.. hope in this first time as well ;-)



What’s wrong in this picture?

6 03 2015

Only because I love more Stockholm than Oslo or Copenhagen I get punished?? :-(



Nobody listened to my “prayers“.. as usual..

I want to fly to Stockholm!

5 03 2015

Looking forward to my first Aikido weekend of a long series that will take me to different European locations. Without practice in the weekdays, the seminars have been the only way to release some of both mental and physical stress I am accumulating on every day basis. For different reasons.


yesterday already, while chatting with the organizer of Marc Bachraty seminar in Uppsala, Sweden (my weekend target), he told me about a huge pilot strike in Norwegian airlines!

Today news are not nice.. the flight to Stockholm I want to take tomorrow has been cancelled! Still good info for tomorrow, but yesterday all today flights were green!

Let’s see tomorrow, try to be positive (not that easy for me) and try to spread good feelings to the world, and be repaid with a great weekend seminar with Marc sensei!


Delay delay delay

16 01 2015

Flight to Oslo scheduled at 21:30 it got now a constantly increasing delay:


More than 2 hours: this means losing the great chance to sleep on a bed tonight but when/if I’ll arrive in Gardemoen I have to find my usual sleeping corner (this time though without blanket, but got warm clothes… and 2 keikogi jackets!).

More worrying is the increasing delay and nobody at the gate with hints of explanation (technical or weather troubles?). Great Dutch service!

Tomorrow practice also will be quite bad. I’m so tired already! If I could get the money back I’d probably turn around and go home… But not a possibility unless the flight gets cancelled…

Let’s see…….

UPDATE – a little treat with the “compliments” of Norwegian:


Unfortunately for most of the people here it is little consolation: the flight will land after the last train and bus to the city have left…

First Aikido seminar of 2015

10 01 2015

First trip for 2015 for Jorma Lyly sensei: about this time (5 am) I should get on the train from Amsterdam to Bremen, after a night spent in the city (bars with friends followed by, most probably, a long boring time sitting on the station floor and trying to read and not falling asleep..).

I certainly hope to not have missed the train ;-)

If I am on the train I should get to Bremen around 9 am and then be able to join the full seminar (other later trains from Utrecht would have delivered me there too late for the first session). On the other hand, I will probably be devastated! Good for the night I’ll be sleeping on the mats, with my precious IKEA blanket, actually defined as “throw” on IKEA catalog: yes, if you wonder I am taller than 170 cm, but since usually it is quite cold I assume a fetal (not fatal) position, to be warmer!

Anyway, as last year I am starting the Aikido in 2015 with Jorma followed by Marc in Norway next weekend.. Not bad at all!!

A warm corner

11 12 2014

For my first night at Schipol airport, terminal 1, I am sitting with my back against a radiator. Quite a change from the freezing nights at Gardemoen! The floor is cold yeah, but the radiators are pleasant.


Only negative note is the nut job “sleeping” a couple of meters only side, snoring in the best traditions of Chinese night trains and unfortunately also talking in his sleep!!!

I was used to a completely different kind of sleep talking, even I’m the night we had on Gardemoen floor… but she is not here… and I will not hear that talk anymore…

I’ll try to stay here a couple of hours, reading. I set up anyway a couple of alarms, to be sure! Got also a can of the best ginger beer ever: no alcohol and it is like chewing ginger roots!!



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