My typical *bad* luck!!

24 11 2015

One year of Aikido and traveling activity with an incredible low amount of injures, and all minor ones.

One tough year, at both the physical and mental level: people close to me know that it has not been easy, especially mentally, for different reasons (mostly, I know, because of my stupid head creating its own problems!)..

One long year with several trips, nights in dojos and sleeping on different floors and madrases, and never had a problem.. not even suffering much snoring this year! Or much cold, even if I have been mostly sleeping off airport floors covered with an Ikea blanket (even shared it once, but that was last year, so it does not count!).

One sweaty year of great practice in several countries with tons of different people: advance, beginner, tough, solid, soft, hard, stiff, and more.. and still I have come back from most seminars without serious injures.

One flying year with quite a few major seminars/appointments with senseis I really like, moving toward the “gran finale” of this coming weekend, back to Moscow with Irie senseiRead the rest of this entry »

Kuribayashi sensei in Belgium!

30 10 2015

After two weeks where I did not practice at all, touring Europe for business, I’ll be soon off to Bekgium for the last seminar this year with Kuribayashi sensei.. of course, not my last seminar this year! :-)


Given the picture that had been used, I really have to go!

Condition probably not at best, and got very few hours sleeping in the past 2 nights.. but so looking forward to practice!

From next week, back to normal training habits! :-)

I hate sewing!!

9 10 2015

I have been lucky in Norway and China where I always had someone close good at sewing… because besides hating it, I suck big time at that!!

But no help anymore so today, waiting for my neighbor to unlock the building door since this morning I forgot my keys inside, I did sew my hakama, a long postponed job (that I had planned to do in the lunch break, reason why I had all the necessary with me!).


sitting outside with a needle in my hands…

Not a great job but I hope it will survive for Franck Noel sensei seminar in Stockholm.

Wonderful weather though for sitting outside.. let’s see how it will be in Sweden, but with friends and Aikido all will be perfect anyway!


another beautiful day I am inside.. finishing packing then going to the airport.. Stockholm, I’m coming!! yeah ;-)

Unbelievable late summer weather!

2 10 2015

Incredibly good summer weather in the Netherlands: if not for the temperatures early/late in the day, that are a good reminder that winter is coming,



These past days, before and after the super moon, the morning sky has been gorgeous, followed by a super good “summer” day..

Morning at Utrecht CS Morning in Ijsselstein
Morning at Utrecht CS Morning at Utrecht CS

For some reasons yesterday, when I was sitting outside a cafe and I took this picture, I had the feeling to be back in Shanghai.. and that is quite weird, since I have never lived there and almost always there are skyscraper in view.. or maybe I still miss something from there..

Walking around Shanghai sunset at Hongqiao station

This weekend though I will be back in my hometown, Biella, and the weather forecast are.. normal for the season, ie. quite bad, rainy weather!! Leaving behind these extremely sunny days (and warm during the working hours!) is painful! Especially knowing which kind of weather we can expect, in the Netherlands, for the “real” autumn/winter time!

sitting on the clouds...

sitting on the clouds…


summer storm in Biella

Leiden, sightseeing and Aikido

25 09 2015

Last Sunday I visited a new place in the Netherlands: the town of Leiden. A good chance to combine some touristic sightseeing with Aikido practice at Hagumi dojo, where Lawrence is teaching.

Leiden is really a nice town, with lots of green and canal banks, with the oldest University in the Netherlands and several historical buildings spread around the city.

I was lucky as well with the weather and the nice contrast of against the sun pictures, with the rivers, boats, blue sky and interesting architecture.

Leiden Leiden
Leiden Leiden

Read the rest of this entry »

Yamashima sensei: center center center!!

17 09 2015

Really inspiring weekend in Stockholm where I met for the first time Yamashima sensei, 7.dan Aikikai: I had heard a lot about the practice with him, recommended by different teachers and aikidokas here and there. And my first impression has been extremely good, looking forward for a chance to practice with him again probably in the Netherlands later this year.

Vanadis Aikido dojo

Vanadis Aikido dojo

Of course for me being in Stockholm is always special, always bring extra good feelings, it can be for Aikido or not.

Of course it is even more special when you have the chance to practice with people like Jorma Lyly, Vanadis Aikido dojo, and Peter Spangfort, Järfälla Aikidoklubb, both amazing 6.dan Aikikai, with so much to give to any partner always in an accessible and special way. And I cannot even start naming all the other wonderful people on the mats, some of them practicing Aikido for more than 50 years (one session was at Stockholm Aikikai, club founded in 1964!!).

Of course I always enjoy discovering “new” teachers (for me), after having heard much about and then having a chance to “feel first hand” (never better expression used in Aikido!). Read the rest of this entry »

Stockholm! Yeah!

11 09 2015

Back on the way to Stockholm tonight, for meeting a new sensei: finally I will practice this weekend with Yamashima sensei in Sweden. This teacher have been suggested from so many other practitioners that I really look forward to this trip.

Elegant and effective Aikido, and according to several practitioners he is still the sensei closest to Yamaguchi sensei:

And from the main source, Yamaguchi sensei:

Another trip to Stockholm: memories of Aikido but also memories from another kind of visit are always coming back to me. Pleasant memories even when involving people disappeared from my life. Because at the end I had to decide what to keep in my mind and how, and fight the sadness and the demons. I decided to keep the good memories, the kind that one day in the future I might also allow myself to miss… or partly miss, because I will have soon more new memories to compare those with.. with new people and special people. They might also disappear from my life, but they will be remembered, because it sucks to have just bad memories! Too much wasted energy: better fight the pain with good thoughts!

Leave out the fights, take in the smiles!

On and off the mats, keep the good, get rid of the bad..

..that reminds me though that I still got tons of pictures to edit and post.. and now that the memories are less and less scary might be a good time to start this process!


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