On the way to Trondheim!

8 01 2016

First seminar of the year even if I am not sure if I’m allowed to count it or not… since I will be the “teacher”.. With “” because as explained before I am just a student working on my path:

I posted about this seminar but I think (or maybe many think) it has been my ego talking there.. As a matter of fact I miss teaching, but not for letting my ego grow stronger (again?.. I know many think that..), but for having a chance to practice the Aikido I love, work on the mats with like-minded people and try to understand something that at seminars one has not always time to doing that. 

This is a chance to work both on the Aikido I practice in Amsterdam and the Aikido I manage to practice very seldom, ie. Irie shihan‘s Aikido. A chance to work a little on that and introduce it to my Norwegian friends, certainly something different (not better, not worse, just different, hoping to leave them with something to think about and maybe some curiosity to meet the source!). 

If people think it is my ego talking I am actually not so concern: I hope some of this people will be on the mats with me to try and experiment and see if some good feelings come out from the practice as well.. I can only repeat what I always say to people that call me teacher, as my Aiki-brother says:

So who am I? What do I want? Well, I am a student.

That is exactly what I am, what I have always been, and what I will be, independently where I will sit at the beginning of a class.. and I love it! 


dry kiwi and papaya

Sitting at the airport, eating some dry fruit in the best Chinese tradition (I mean, my Chinese life experience tradition!), feeling a little like when I was going to Hangzhou for teaching weekend seminars… and still working on my practice notes!

It’s going to be a good weekend!!

What a beginning of 2016!!

29 12 2015

Thanks to dear [Aikido] friends in Trondheim, I will teach for the first time a weekend seminar (even a paid seminar, even if the thought was scaring me..!)…

No, wait a second, it is not true!! The true part is that for the first time I will teach a weekend paid seminar, and this makes me indeed a little nervous, but in China I used to go at least once per month to Hangzhou (my dream city, the place where I should have moved to in 2013!) for weekend seminars, and quite demanding ones!!


Aikido weekend in Hangzhou

Anyway, back to Europe, in the weekend 9-10 January I will be on the mats of Trondheim Aikido dojo practicing with some local old and new Aiki-friends, warming up for hopefully a good year and a little earlier kagami biraki, 鏡開き..

aikidude in Moscow

Seminar in Trondheim (click for info)

Given the common background with most people in Trondheim (as written in the Norwegian poster, Endo shihan, and the Swedish Vanadis “team” Nevelius – Lyly senseis have been both for my friends up there and myself a constant inspiration and help in Aikido growth!), I will actually work more in my most recent Aikido developments, or, better said, slight change of direction: the Aikido of Irie shihan and the practice I am having in Amsterdam Aikido dojo with Tom Dijkman sensei, a good student of Yasuno shihan.

I hope we can work together and have fun with some different Aikido from what they are used to, and I also hope maybe to stimulate some interest toward different teachers that also visit Europe.. so maybe I can get some good company when travelling to their seminars! Yeah, selfish as usual!! ;-)

But, the most important thing is that I hope they will be as happy as I will be to practice in Trondheim, or just to practice Aikido together!

For now, happy new year my friends! And see you soon!

PS The money is of course for the dojo or for a common use in pizza :-)

Bye bye Seattle!

19 12 2015

A very interesting, hard, productive, entertaining, challenging, inspiring, motivating and even refreshing week working with at the Seattle headquarters!

Last breakfast on American soil and focusing on the excellent fruit buffet of the Seattle airport Marriot hotel…


refreshing morning

Funny enough it reminds me of some Chinese hotels…

Happy weekend folks, and I’ll be home Sunday early morning probably dead tired.. Monday is going to be an interesting day at work!

Wish me luck!!! ;-)

On the way to Seattle!

11 12 2015

Tomorrow morning I will fly to Seattle for one week work at our company head quarters: an unexpected business trip when I thought my traveling year had ended and the last weekends of 2015 would have been fully dedicated to Amsterdam!

But also the kind of offer I am happy to accept, for visit again our HQ and maybe a chance to see again some eagles!

And maybe, as well, visiting Aikido Seattle dojo!!

Let’s see, because it will be lots of work together with the American colleagues.. push hard so we can all enjoy a better end of the year!

My typical *bad* luck!!

24 11 2015

One year of Aikido and traveling activity with an incredible low amount of injures, and all minor ones.

One tough year, at both the physical and mental level: people close to me know that it has not been easy, especially mentally, for different reasons (mostly, I know, because of my stupid head creating its own problems!)..

One long year with several trips, nights in dojos and sleeping on different floors and madrases, and never had a problem.. not even suffering much snoring this year! Or much cold, even if I have been mostly sleeping off airport floors covered with an Ikea blanket (even shared it once, but that was last year, so it does not count!).

One sweaty year of great practice in several countries with tons of different people: advance, beginner, tough, solid, soft, hard, stiff, and more.. and still I have come back from most seminars without serious injures.

One flying year with quite a few major seminars/appointments with senseis I really like, moving toward the “gran finale” of this coming weekend, back to Moscow with Irie senseiRead the rest of this entry »

Kuribayashi sensei in Belgium!

30 10 2015

After two weeks where I did not practice at all, touring Europe for business, I’ll be soon off to Bekgium for the last seminar this year with Kuribayashi sensei.. of course, not my last seminar this year! :-)


Given the picture that had been used, I really have to go!

Condition probably not at best, and got very few hours sleeping in the past 2 nights.. but so looking forward to practice!

From next week, back to normal training habits! :-)

I hate sewing!!

9 10 2015

I have been lucky in Norway and China where I always had someone close good at sewing… because besides hating it, I suck big time at that!!

But no help anymore so today, waiting for my neighbor to unlock the building door since this morning I forgot my keys inside, I did sew my hakama, a long postponed job (that I had planned to do in the lunch break, reason why I had all the necessary with me!).


sitting outside with a needle in my hands…

Not a great job but I hope it will survive for Franck Noel sensei seminar in Stockholm.

Wonderful weather though for sitting outside.. let’s see how it will be in Sweden, but with friends and Aikido all will be perfect anyway!


another beautiful day

..now I am inside.. finishing packing then going to the airport.. Stockholm, I’m coming!! yeah ;-)


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