46 = 23 * 2

4 04 2020

Duh! You knew it right?

But for me this easy mathematical expression means quite a bit more..

First of all this post was supposed to be posted on 30th July 2018 but that summer was quite bummer, and several things, of the bad kind, happened, starting with BBPV. Then followed by other ridiculously depressing news that so far I have refrained from writing about here (I will, eventually). But since I am going through unposted drafts, here we are 🙂 …

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Aikido, GTA and a huge smile!!

3 11 2016

Great beginning of the day watching this nice and funny “Aikido” video made by Dojo Bushidokai:

A smile, lots of truth and of course not the arrogance to believe that with Aikido you can defend yourself form a real knife attack performed by people that can handle knives! I say that preventing comments by other martial art practitioners, well aware of the purpose for us to practice these kind of disarming techniques.

Take the video for what is it: the spirit of Aikido about how to solve conflicts.. even if sometimes it is better just to run away and some other times getting out of the line and then.. kick in the balls your attacker!

Life is good because it has a lot of variations!!

Have a great day!!


Sunset at the hospital

14 07 2016

Some beauty….

Happy Easter!!

26 03 2016

Also to this lamb that will not end up in an oven!!

a lamb in the car


I AMsterdam

1 01 2016

On the move again.. it makes me thing to my past transfers for either work reasons, studying, or just interest:

  1. Biella (Italy) to Trondheim (Norway)
  2. Trondheim to Oslo
  3. Oslo to Stavanger
  4. Stavanger to Hefei (China)
  5. Hefei to Shenzhen
  6. Shenzhen to Biella again, looking for a job in Germany, but it did not work out and it ended up as:
  7. Biella to Utrecht (Netherlands)

..and now we got:

…another little step, quite natural, given that most of the time I went out in the evenings it was in Amsterdam and I already practice in Aikido Amsterdam dojo!

“8” is a lucky number in China (in East Asia in general I think..) but not especially for me, since this one will not be the last move.. I can predict 2 more internal in Amsterdam, and it is the first time I move inside a city! 🙂 One is already totally organized (beginning of January), from East to De Pijp, both extremely nice areas in Amsterdam, and the second has a time label (end of April) but not yet a destination and I really hope to find a more permanent location (I’d love to stay longer in one of these 2 areas, but my hopes are not high).

I cannot make strong predictions about my future but I certainly hope and plan to spend the coming year in Amsterdam and know much better this interesting city.

For now, I’ve started my second move inside the city…

I Am(Will)sterdam… sort of! 🙂


Italian home

3 10 2015

As I have been told:


I’m always a big baby!


Unbelievable late summer weather!

2 10 2015

Incredibly good summer weather in the Netherlands: if not for the temperatures early/late in the day, that are a good reminder that winter is coming,



These past days, before and after the super moon, the morning sky has been gorgeous, followed by a super good “summer” day..

Morning at Utrecht CS Morning in Ijsselstein
Morning at Utrecht CS Morning at Utrecht CS

For some reasons yesterday, when I was sitting outside a cafe and I took this picture, I had the feeling to be back in Shanghai.. and that is quite weird, since I have never lived there and almost always there are skyscraper in view.. or maybe I still miss something from there..

Walking around Shanghai sunset at Hongqiao station

This weekend though I will be back in my hometown, Biella, and the weather forecast are.. normal for the season, ie. quite bad, rainy weather!! Leaving behind these extremely sunny days (and warm during the working hours!) is painful! Especially knowing which kind of weather we can expect, in the Netherlands, for the “real” autumn/winter time!

sitting on the clouds...

sitting on the clouds…


summer storm in Biella