The discipline I should learn!!

25 03 2016

I love Japan!!!

Manila international airport… a joke!

17 02 2016

What a dump!!!

Worst international terminal I have seen in my life! Worse than several local Chinese small airports (not comparing to super terminals like Shanghai or Beining). Much much much worse than tiny Haneda Tokyo international!

In Haneda the toilet were still Japanese style, with super clean toilets and the reminder to Chinese that… it was not China: 

do not use the toilet Chinese style!!


Here I was afraid to catch a disease entering the toilet area, with 2 closed bathrooms and 2 overfilled urinators!!!! I can’t properly picture the smell..

But the “best” part is the following and it applies to all the tiny and sparse shops at international departure: 

cash only – no cards accepted

Are you kidding me???????

I’m transferring between Japan and Indonesia and of course I got no local valuta and…. there are no ATMs!!!!!

Wow!!! 😂 

I admit, a first time! Missing China!!!

Drunk on Kit-Kat

15 02 2016

Sounds crazy, but is it?

Sake taste (and especially smell) Kit-Kat!!! And おいしい (delicious) as well!!!

Not the only special taste I have found here… and a few more will most probably find their way home with me!

Parking sensei

12 02 2016

I have no clue how the owner got the motorbike up the steps, and it’s not a light e-bike but a real heavy engine one!!!


Asia loves Italy..

6 02 2016

Or at least Vietnam: I have just found out that for my trip (<15 days) to Vietnam in March, for Irie sensei seminar and of course for sightseeing and new experience, I will not need a VISA, since I am Italian citizen!!


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Aikido in Kyoto with Okamoto sensei!

17 07 2014

A very nice video documentary about Aikido in Kyoto with Yoko Okamoto sensei by Guillaume Erard:

Check Guillaume’s page anyway for so many more amazing videos!

And if you happen to be in Kyoto and want to visit sensei, check the dojo homepage!

Amazing Yasuno sensei!

30 06 2014

For your start of the week I want to post the video Nagai sensei posted on Facebook, from the classes Yasuno sensei held in Kyoto in 2011, when I had also attended his seminar (as I did in 2013 and I will most probably do next year!):

Great inspiration for a Monday!

Happy start of the week you all!

REMINDER: Yasuno sensei will be in Pavia, Italy, the 4th-5th October, seminar organized by Urakasumi dojo.