My Flickrs

I have a flickr account since June 5th, 2006. I have been introduced to flickr by a long time lost Taiwanese contact. In this account I have uploaded a bit of all that happened to me, even from before that date, and I keep on uploading everything, without so much thought..

midnight sun - 06/2005

My first picture on Flickr

But lately I have decided to create other accounts just to emphasize certain aspects, either special & funny like the Chinese lunch since I moved here, or some new passions I got from friends, or just the best pictures I have and I will have.. things that got lost among the thousands of pictures of the main account..

Only boring thing that stopped me until now is that for every account I must create a new yahoo email.. and a new flickr “identity”.. but now I decided to do it! All the new accounts will be free ones, ie. circa 200 pictures limit, so more focused on some topic 🙂

It will take some time to “populate” these accounts.. and maybe making new ones!

melanconic Venice
my bests   playing with HDR   western skies
Sunset at Binhu

lunch box in Hefei

  stencils in china   chinese skies   lunch box

One response

14 09 2011

hi! in a deep deep night find your stories…but i don`t know how to chat with you….you live in hefei now…welcome….haha
i`m a girl in hefei ,english is…haha soso….
i want to make a friend with you…i like travel…how about you !
because i don`t know how to add your phone number or qq or msn …so maybe only can meet you once …. so hope you lucky and happy in hefei !


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