Normal coffee? Wait please!

15 07 2012

I just realized that at Starbucks asking for a normal brewed coffee is strange to the least. The do not keep it ready for serving but often they just make the desired cup size.

Anyway, coffee & 1Q84 for some relax morning in Hangzhou.

Have a good Sunday everybody!!

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The Void is slightly less mysterious now

22 06 2012

After I have been busy reading again the Martin’s books from of the series “A Song of Ice and Fire“, and using Murakami’s 1Q84 as one of the best traveling companions, I admit I put the latter on hold when I got the ordered trilogy by Hamilton about the Void.

I am a huge SF reader, more than fantasy or anything else, even if I do read a bit of everything! But Hamilton works got me at once as probably among the most brilliant SF books and ideas ever thought. He is one of those master that maybe in 1000 years people will celebrate for the “far sight” in imagining stuff than then become every day stuff. Like the other masters celebrated nowadays for their “dreams”, as Asimov, Bradbury (RIP), Huxley, etc. Of course I read a little bit or a little bit too much from all the above mentioned, and others!

Hamilton though, since I read the “The Night’s Dawn Trilogy“, my introduction in his work, became *the* most interesting author at the present time. Saying that this trilogy contains so many different elements, mixing history to humor to brilliant SF idea, is still too little. Every words, from the beginning captures you, and keep you reading for the whole 3 times more than thousand pages per book!

The Void trilogy was slightly smaller in pages, but still very fascinating.

I wonder now what will come out next from his mind!!\

Now that this obsession is over, I can finish Murakami’s 1Q84 and the re-reading of book 4 of Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” – A Feast for Crows and then start the freshly purchased Book 5 (and yet not read!) A Dance with Dragons.

Also it is time to buy some new books from Amazon China (cheap and fast delivery): any suggestions dear friends??

Work exhibition in Shanghai

17 03 2012

This past week I have been a couple of days in Shanghai for a PCB exhibition. Participating with the company where I work required wearing again some nice clothes, a good combination with my klingon new look 😉

At least I did not scare my pretty marketing colleague:

work exhibition in Shanghai

..and did not scare too much possible customers, even if this year I must say there was less attendance than to last year show!

Next week I will be at the semiconductor version of the exhibition, back in Shanghai, and this one is expected to be huge!

Anyway, traveling means taking 1Q84 with me in the backpack, and also this time I had the chance to enjoy it in different situations, either in my hotel room before going to sleep…

1Q84 & scary elegant dude

…or at the French bakery in my friend Ulrich’s compound, before practicing Aikido at Xijiao Aikido dojo:

1Q84 @ french bakery

Because of the little time I could not have a picture in front of Xijiao dojo post practice tradition: a great Italian pizza! 🙂

Aikido in 1Q84

9 03 2012

(No spoilers!!)
I already loved this book, even before I read that one on the characters, a policewoman, practiced Aikido for several years, and it gave her a lot of confidence!!!

Given I was reading at that moment in a Japanese restaurant in Shanghai (but it was only so-so from a Japanese food point of view), the enjoyment was increased times.. a lot!!!

The book is wonderful.. still reading!!! More traveling with it next week!!

Aikido in 1Q84

1q84 at Kaiba, Shanghai

25 02 2012

So, after enjoying the book over some Japanese meal, I continue a double enjoyment: Murakami and Belgian beer.

Happy hour at Kaiba in Shanghai and a 33cl glass of La Chouffe (8%) at 35 RMB is reasonable.

Relaxing reading preparing for a yet very open evening..

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24 02 2012

Last weekend in Hangzhou I started reading the only Murakami book I hadn’t read yet (I think!): 1Q84.

What a change, finally a new book and not only reading again other books I enjoyed before!

So, last weekend, sitting in a Starbucks, I had a long relaxing time sharing my lunch and then my dessert with the words of this amazing writer.. and tomorrow I’ll be in Shanghai with a whole free Saturday, probably crappy weather and a few new cafe’ to visit (and an already known Belgian beer pub!!).. so I know I will enjoy this book again very much!


1q84 @ Starbucks

2011 of words

3 01 2012

One full year in China, and this is what I have read:

I admit this was a terrible year with respect to many previous ones: I always loved reading, but this year I started several books (2 in Norwegian that my friend Erik left me here after his trips to Shanghai this year) and another eBook on the iPhone (this time Mary Shelley’s – Frankstein).. but I did not finished them..

..until the TV series “Game of Thrones” pushed me to read again Martin’s work, waiting for the next TV chapters..

Plus I got the last Murakami book I haven’t read yet, 1Q84.. so I already know my 2012 of words will be much richer than the past year!! 🙂