1 year anniversary 

25 10 2016

Exactly one year ago I moved to Amsterdam after about two years in Utrecht. 

last step of the move: my first beloved bike (stolen after less than 2 months 😭)

No regrets at all, I should have maybe done it before even!

Morning in Amsterdam

It helped that the company I work got also moved here but since I had already chosen the place for the love of my life, Aikido, I would have moved anyway… eventually… 

I’m just a tiny bit sad that friends who visited me when I was in Utrecht have not been back now that I moved. A few did come back, and saw I also managed to learn some of what this city can offer.. still hope someone else will also come back for a weekend of exploration of the beauty of Amsterdam. 



15 09 2016

Or in other words, happy moon cake festival (mid-autumn, yeah ok) 

outrageous expensive but I love moon cakes!

And the moon is up there shining even in a little cloudy Amsterdam sky:

the moon over my home

Another good moon for others good memories…

moon and memories… all great now

One more down, keep counting..

6 07 2016

..let’s see how many more..

(thx Dani for this one)

(thx Tor Magnus, this is me.. us..)

My baby is home

22 05 2016

After 6 years and a couple of months I could hold again my baby, and it gave me goosebumps:

my dragonfly iaito

For some time we lost contact and even she seemed lost, but then my dear friend Bob found the case and other bits of my Iaido past:

scabbards and iaito kit

Holding her in my hands was fantastic and I can only dream the time I can “dance” with her again… It requires some good weather for going outside.. therefore, being in the Netherlands, lots of prayers!

But she is home, and that is important!

Bicycle diet

22 03 2016

A few months since last I managed to breach the 75 kg limit, and I am not that happy this time, since last night for the first time ever I had to stop Aikido practice 5 minutes before the very end, completely depleted by energies!

It is true it was a class rich of black belts and we threw each other quite strongly, and the last repetitions we were only 3 “standing”, but I regret having to bow out because totally empty.

Biking to work and practice is all together about 12 km (and 4 more to go home after, but that is not a problem, I can take it extremely slowly) and I have to remember to drink much more water because I do not have yet the proper condition.

<75 kg.. what a sweat though!

Anyway, it was nice to see it possible to descend again below the 75 kg threshold. I must try to work again on my abs as ** had shown me before, in order to get rid of my “baby fat” as well 😉

When in Vietnam I have been eating and practicing a lot, and thanks to the very hot weather (liters of sweat!) I managed to maintain my weight around normal values, to everybody surprise!! 🙂

Biking in the storm

4 03 2016

First real Amsterdam Dutch weather rain bike experience since moved here: freezing big rain drops falling into my eyes, finding the entrance over the space of the glasses, anyway covered in water and becoming foggy at every change of slope (minimal but still there).

Biking in the storm

Biking in the storm

Exactly what I was hoping to not happen: tonight I will leave to Vietnam, directed to Ho Chi Minh city, where the  weather is reasonably different and I do not want to wear any heavy clothes/shoes.. not for the short trip from home to Schiphol!

But the freezing rain this morning (and the fact that my cheap “summer” shoes have some holes into the soles) might change my mind about the clothing choice for the trip to the airport!

These are the Netherlands though: I can try to cross the finger and hope really really really strong in some weather changes before tonight!! Even though the cloudy sky is not a good omen!!

(btw, right now it is .. snowing!!)

2015 wrap up

8 01 2016

A few thoughts about last year. At some point I updated my commitment:

2015 Resolutions – updates:

  • learn something new
  • get passionate again about about something positive, constructive (..else than Aikido, reading, taking pictures and travelling – specified since in 2014 apparently I got passionate about.. rejections! Got worse this week, indeed)
  • stop doing always the same mistakes, especially with people! 向前走,莫回头! (got close again, but maybe I managed to be a little adult this time!)
  • work for my 3.dan in Aikido (when ever it might be) and work on my Aikido in general! (since I have realized I got not so much else to spend time for)
  • reach 75 kg reach 72kg: the path to this target has started already! I have been almost steadily around +/- 75Kg. in the past few months, so it is time to raise the bar!

…and failed!

I closed the year around 78 kg: not bad, but remaining at 75 kg is also a challenge especially if I do not practice every day and I have some more parties than expected!

Aikido is a difficult topic: I practiced a lot, almost as much as I could (I dropped maybe a couple of possible seminars) and I am feeling a slight push to “confirm” my level woth examination. But if I have no motivation in grading for Dutch federation, even liking Tissier sensei style: dan grading for me is a sort of tribute to the sensei I am following, to show him that I want to practice his Aikido. And right now this is impossible (Dutch federation would not grant me the possibility to grade out of Dutch territory: understandable, maybe, it was, for someone.. not open to discussion though).

For the rest, it is like I have never written those resolutions. Next year, maybe. In particular, for the mistake part, last night I got confirmed I had made a big one with some new Aikido friend. Sometimes I should shut up and get out of my own head. To be remembered. All it’s part of the learning and growth. Mistakes made with interesting people are probably a better teaching. Fate wants maybe that I take this as learning of something new for the year?

2015 Prediction:

  • I will travel a lot
  • there will be some changes
  • if I do not achieve the majority of those resolutions I will go nuts!!!

I changed house; I did travel a lot, mainly/only for Aikido, and a little for work; I did not manage to make real the majority of resolutions, therefore I am nuts.. On the other I have been going nuts for some time anyway.. it has not been an easy year.. again! My fault..

Let’s see 2016.. where I will be more realist I suppose!