Dating my posts – Bengbu

14 02 2011

As mentioned before, no, I am not that lonely that I have decided to go out with my blog 😉

Quite the opposite: I have been so busy I did not manage to post all the special things that happened to me and that I experienced especially about Chinese traditions and cultures!!!

Since I want to share with my friends and random readers in a sort of proper order, I postdated the posts, and here it is a wrap up.. now with the Bengbu days!!

Click and enjoy! 🙂

2010-02-07:  Dumpling day
2010-02-08: CNY holidays in Bengbu

Are you a foreigner?

9 02 2011

2 amazing funny encounters during these holidays:

On the train to Anqing a university girl really wanted to start a conversation in English with me. So she came over and asked me:

Are you a foreigner?

After few seconds of surprised I broke into laugh!! And I asked her:

Do I look like a Chinese to you????

..but she did not understand the funny situation and the incredible silly question she asked me..

And then I went my way to Bengbu to visit my friend and colleague Yuming. Like Anqing, not many foreigners around Bengbu (even if I know and met 2 american teachers and I know there are a few more). One day we took a taxi and the driver asked my friend if I was from..


Do I look I am from Pakistan to.. anyone?????

CNY holidays in Bengbu

8 02 2011

I spent the last days of the long holidays period for Chinese New Year festivity in Bengbu, the hometown of Yuming, a colleague of mine. Yuming has lived several years in Singapore and he is married with a Japanese woman: his perfect English and the clear interest in Japan were the keys that made us good friends too, not only colleagues! 🙂

The 6th of February I took the bus to Bengbu from Hefei, and that already was a little adventure. I was supposed to meet a friend to get some help to find the bus station and buy the ticket, but we misunderstood each other. So I went alone downtown, not really sure where the street of the bus station was or the station itself. But with some sms in Chinese from Yuming and some street-wise decisions, I found the place and got the bus for a comfortable 2 hours trip to Bengbu.

There I spent a couple of very nice days, best  way to continue the great experience of spending CNY holidays with other families, after Anqing nice experience.

Bengbu by night

Here too, friends, people, food and drink, new experiences about traditions, and new experiences about a new city, or town, for Chinese standards.. And a wonderful example in the picture below how sometimes translation from Chinese to English produce the so-called Chinglish effect!!!

CNY holidays in Bengbu

Dumpling day

7 02 2011

5th day into the new year 2011, 初五 (chū wǔ), and special day for eating dumplings according to Chinese New Year traditions. And Yuming’s father was extremely good and efficient in making them! As we were efficient in eating! I love dumplings 🙂

CNY holidays in Bengbu

At lunch time we had another tradition: fire the firecrackers, as Yuming did (and I filmed!).

CNY holidays in Bengbu