Monday.. morning.. motivations needed..

11 04 2016

…and I got them..

Biking motivations

good biking motivations

…perfect speed, right in front of me, a very pleasant view that helped me to keep a good pace as well..

A good start of the week! Always great to have motivations on a Monday!

Bicycle diet

22 03 2016

A few months since last I managed to breach the 75 kg limit, and I am not that happy this time, since last night for the first time ever I had to stop Aikido practice 5 minutes before the very end, completely depleted by energies!

It is true it was a class rich of black belts and we threw each other quite strongly, and the last repetitions we were only 3 “standing”, but I regret having to bow out because totally empty.

Biking to work and practice is all together about 12 km (and 4 more to go home after, but that is not a problem, I can take it extremely slowly) and I have to remember to drink much more water because I do not have yet the proper condition.

<75 kg.. what a sweat though!

Anyway, it was nice to see it possible to descend again below the 75 kg threshold. I must try to work again on my abs as ** had shown me before, in order to get rid of my “baby fat” as well 😉

When in Vietnam I have been eating and practicing a lot, and thanks to the very hot weather (liters of sweat!) I managed to maintain my weight around normal values, to everybody surprise!! 🙂

Bye bye beautiful!

2 12 2015
welcome to Amsterdam


…and now I feel really living in Amsterdam: my bike, during my Russian weekend, was stolen!!

Not a bike-person, but I feel a little sad, and not only for the money.. I did like her (of course female!).

And soon it will be important to have one again, but this time I must get an even oldest one and cheaper!!

The Path of the Beam

5 05 2014

On the way to where I leave the bicycle, this morning, I saw an amazing sky, that reminded me of the over and over described sky of Stephen King’s series “The Dark Tower“:

The Path of the Beam

..the wind, the clouds, the leaves… Everything followed the magnetic power of the Beam..

..Once they see the path of the Beam, they see the pattern repeating around them, from the direction leaves turn on the trees to the pattern of clouds as they move through the sky — all twisting in the direction of the Dark Tower.. (from “The Waste Lands”).

A look at the sky.. so unreal!!

Perfect gear ratio!!!

30 04 2014

I love my bike!!

For Dutch flat roads it has the perfect gear (mono gear, of course): I can almost all the time keep pedalling at a constant speed without feeling I am forcing or pushing nothing..

I think also it is the best way to keep the body active:tonight, first time in ages, after practice and the bike tour home I weigh less than 82 kg!! OK, I still had not eaten dinner, but, trust me, it is a great achievement!

Of course my body is not one that can compete with young boys for girl’s attentions.. but I set myself a goal that just a few months (years) ago was utopia: 78 kg.

Just keep in mind that I came back from China in September extra fat and than in Italy during October I reached about 89 kg!!! (I do not want to say 90 kg, but I was there.. the scale index touching the number!!).

Good to have a goal and remembering once upon a time I was not that fat 🙂

once upon a time...

which one am I?

Morning bike tour

22 04 2014

I thought I was late this morning for catching the bus at 7:38 at the spot I planned to reach by bike but even leaving home around 7:05 I managed to take the 7:22 bus!! That actually came earlier!!

It was good to test the road yesterday (when I made a couple of mistakes per way!) and this morning all went smooth…


My new baby

21 04 2014

…for not feeling lonely in the cold stormy nights…..

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