BPPV: not a Minion language happy birthday!

7 07 2018

Yesterday it was my birthday, 46 years spent around this funny world and I was supposed to be in Italy for celebrating the wedding of a special friend Valentina and her partner, Ivano..

But I had not taken into consideration my typical bad luck: Monday I experienced some weird vertigo and dizziness that got worse on Tuesday (a day home from work, first time since China and before that maybe happened at university) nd on Wednesday when I managed to get to hospital, I got diagnosed by a full set of neurologist to suffer from BPPV, Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, a disorder arising from a problem in the inner ear.

Yeah, something new in my life… that I could really happily avoid!

This disease is most common in women and at an age of 49 or older, it can be related to head blows, but 50% of the time is idiopathic. Guess in which category I fall?

The result is that basically every time I move the head my brain lose balance information and I feel like falling: I walk (and feel in my head) like a drunk man, without having been drinking though.. cheap hangover way, right?

The interesting part of this disease is that there is no medical treatment but there are maneuvers to be performed in order to solve the problem:

…where only the first one should be repeated for about 2 weeks in order to solve the problem. OK, guess again what I have been recommended to do? Of course the first one, because apparently the other 2 are too technical (!) for doing it at home alone. But,, still apparently, the other 2 should lead to a faster solution of the problem..

Anyway, baby steps. I feel better than Wednesday, better then Thursday when I had my first walk outside to test a little myself and then I felt like sh*t the rest of the day, and I had to decide to not travel to Italy to Vale & Ivano’s wedding.. and then I felt worse than sh*t.. still feeling (the wedding was a few hours go, the celebration now.. my heart and head are really heavy..).

Friday I decided to celebrate anyway my birthday with a sushi lunch (and a cake) and especially buying myself a new lens for my camera, a prime lens f/1.4 50 mm (and actually a used camera as well, but this will come later and have all her space).. and then I got a surprise by a very nice friend who did give me lots of Minions and a fantastic Aikido t-shirt:

And not only this, but I have been promised too a monkey present (before minions I was a monkey aficionados… Don’t ask!):

I cannot complain too much about my birthday day itself. The walk also was less destructive than the day before.

Baby steps, not only when physically walking but also mentally in my expectations of recovery.

Of course it’s not possible to practice Aikido and that is another aspect I have to control, mentally.

The thing that scares me the most about BPPV is that there is not assurance when (and if) it will disappear and if it will come back, and when. Actually it’s very probable it will come back..

Not so different again from my previous arthritis problem, but one was enough: I’m greedy, but not about diseases!!

Getting older for once should force me to be wiser and respect the baby steps approach.

Funny enough this vertigo feeling is keeping me away from alcohol: I really wish I could not feel this drunk!!

Ever, I mean it!!!

A child of 45!

6 07 2017

That is what most of people and myself in primis think when getting to know me!

How could I disagree with that??

always all natural

  • all children almost at once like me: we think in the same way, of course!
  • I sleep on the floor: futon on a very rough handmade base
  • my room has no door, I live with 2 cats and 2 house mates
  • I work to maintain my “life hobby”, Aikido.. nah, let’s say it loud and clear: my life, Aikido!
  • my savings are not much more than … monthly balance.. no future planning (except for Aikido seminars), living the moment.. totally incapacity to answer the question: “what you want your life being in .. 5 years? 10 years? after retirement?”.. what life?
  • I have no girlfriend.. as a matter of fact I almost never had one
  • I got no children and already given up on any thought of a traditional family: enjoying every second with my closest friend children
  • I have never owned a car, a motorbike, a scooter, a dog or cat, never lived with a partner, never been married (reinforcement to my being weird concept)
  • I do not do very well with changes
  • fashion? Sorry, what’s that? I cannot dress properly, not like a 45 y/o man or not even as a 30 something y/o normal person.. I am still a jeans and T-shirt person (like the girls I usually like..). Next week I will go to a wedding in Italy and I am still unsure what I will wear, what I want to wear, where I can buy it, if what I have planned to wear will have the effect to be removed from all contact lists of the people attending the wedding, or just the will not open the door. I hope there is a children table!
  • I listen to more or less the same music I have been listening in the past 25 years
  • I fall asleep in front of the TV (PC) and then get up in the night to switch off the lights.. or I do it in the morning when I go to work!
  • I get grumpy fast like a little child not allowed to do what he wants, that very moment, but also I forget my anger equally fast, most of the times
  • I trust people, like a child.. I got burned quite a few times, but I keep trusting people.. maybe I am a stupid child, or just got a shorter memory than most.. or just I do not want to change (see above, not doing well with changes!)

My biggest fear is becoming a child of 50 that talks to himself (and even answers from time to time), unable to be socially acceptable in any ways (I mean, worse than now!) and being content about that or not even realizing it..

Being still a few years of neural degrading for reaching that point, I hope (at least!). I hope Aikido will help to keep some neurons alive!

And just for the final irony, I discovered today is world kissing day… ironic for a guy child, I mean, that has not kissed that much in his life (but enjoying it every time!) and probably has the record speed of being unmatched on Tinder..

..but at least tonight it is time again to fly to an Aikido seminar and especially to many friends I missed a lot lately.. and in particular celebrating 10 years of knowing a crazy fantastic person from Prague..

flying to…everywhere…

43 times childish

6 07 2015

Definitively the video for me today, kindly found by my dear friend Satan, aka Ivan 🙂

Even at home my minions enjoyed the show:

watching their bros

watching their bros