Color Run in Utrecht!

13 06 2014

Earlier this week I have bought my ticket to the Color Run in Utrecht in September!

After a really good fun in Beijing last summer, I have decided to join a small group of colleagues participating at the local edition.. and I am sure it will be a colourful funny event!!

The Color Run - 彩色奔跑 The Color Run - 彩色奔跑
The Color Run - 彩色奔跑 The Color Run - 彩色奔跑

Pictures and video are all blurry because the camera was wrapped in transparent thin plastic to protect it from the colour dust!! That is innocuous food colouring addictive but apparently it has scared people away..

I am sure I will have more funny pics in September!

Color Run in Beijing

13 08 2013

This is the reason we came back to Beijing after the two weeks of Aikido and the trip to Qingdao: The Color Run.

First time in China for The Color Run – 彩色奔跑 event after a few happenings in USA of course!

The Color Run - 彩色奔跑

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