Why a straight guy goes to gay pride?

6 08 2015

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There are so many reasons!

First of all, because of the great fun last year, I wanted to watch the parade another time. And it has been again an extremely fun day, both watching and photographing the show: 697 pics to start with, edited and cut down to 162 (and 1 video) and finally published as well.

Gay Pride Parade 2015 Gay Pride Parade 2015
Gay Pride Parade 2015 Gay Pride Parade 2015

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Gay Parade in Amsterdam

5 08 2014

An extremely cool parade on Amsterdam canals, a party for both straight and not! A day of smiles, colors, fun and love!

Gay Parade 2014 Gay Parade 2014

First time attending the Gay Parade in Amsterdam last Saturday and it was a very good experience, at least the part I remember, before the devilish alcoholic mix kicked in and then my memories became foggy.. and I preferred to not look at the pictures taken by my friends 😉 Read the rest of this entry »