iPhone euthanasia!

31 05 2015

The slow death was apparently too slow, and sometimes things fell, even without someone launching them. Sometimes things crash, even without someone thrusting them against, say a garbage bin..

iPhone euthanasia

Sometimes shit happens..

But shit can make it “un”-happen, and video like this combined with an immediate Ebay order for a cover replacement kit will make that possible in a month or so…

Korn live in Eindhoven!

8 05 2014

I start knowing and enjoying very much KoЯn when I was working in Stavanger, especially in the workshop when we used to play very loud music..

In the workshop HDR dusavik

Good times..

Last weekend I had finally a chance to enjoy KoЯn live in Eindhoven at Klokgebouw, also my first concert since my arrival in the Netherlands.

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Beijing… Japan?

20 07 2013

Just checked in my hotel for Dominique Rascle seminar in Beijing and the first thought was: wow, am I back in Japan?


The room is really tiny!! Very compact, real Japanese style!!

Unfortunately no window: little worried about how my keikogis can dry!!!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Then I took a look of the toilet/shower room:


The toilet is straight under the shower head with about 20cm per side and the basin 20cm in front… Should I stand on the toilet seat to shower??

Cheap Hainan Airlines

20 07 2013

Cheap as mingy, miserly, penny-pinching, stingy, thrifty, tight, tight-wad…

I took the last flight from Kunming to Beijing an since it was arriving around 23, when express train and buses are not in traffic anymore, it was also the most convenient ticket.

I had planned my usual airport night and this time I discovered a 24 hours open Starbucks so at least it was more comfortable and with Internet.

What surprised me was that in the three hours flight between Kunming and Beijing on a completely full A330-300 we were served a tiny peanuts bag and a glass of soft drink or coffee/tea. That was all!!!

Ok, there was a nice entertainment system on every seat, good movies available from the boarding to the disembarking.

But in three hours flight in China I expect what most if not all the other companies I flight with: some food. In most of flight with length equal or larger than 2 hours you get warm food.

Hainan Airlines have clearly a different policy: movies, pretty stewardesses but nothing for the stomach!!!

Damn cheap!!

But dawn has come… here at Starbucks…


FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – I watched a couple of American movies in the flight and during the first one, after some moments of confusion, I realized that they had reformat the movies muting the swearing!!! All f-words, s-words and similar were muted inside the dialog… and often it was difficult to understand the full sentences!! Too cheap to provide a meal… maybe because they spent too much for editing the movies??

How’s that possible?

29 03 2013

Sitting in Starbucks, as usual when I want to do something “special” here in Longgang, I’m writing this post from a WordPress application on the iPhone… And thus should just be impossible being the blog still blocked in China.

I’m not using a VPN: I wouldn’t know how to do on the iPhone. And I’m on the normal Internet connection from Starbucks.

But I can see the blog, my drafts, published posts and even stats, better than by using the terrible unstable Internet connection from the factory and the tunnel. Amazing!

So, what should I say worth reading? Oh yeah.. I’m moving back to Europe during the summer.

Surprise?!! I was a little when I got myself to this decision. I will write more about this. Especially once left.

It was not an easy decision but I had some thoughts. I don’t regret the experience and I am quite sure I will come back East one day. I do hope to find a job in Europe because this part of the plan is still foggy…

But I don’t want to talk too much now about this. Just happy this seems to work (let’s see if I manage to post) and since the weather lately is very much like rainy Stavanger, except for the temperature, I should try to use this feature more often and do what promise: post again on the blog.

Tomorrow I’ll meet some new people from one social homepage and go to cinema and Sunday I’ll go to Hong Komg for Aikido: 3 hours to go and 3 to come back, 2 hours practice. Yeah what we do for Aikido!! 😉

Have a good weekend, you people not working tomorrow… Not like me…

Shitty day

15 11 2012

Yesterday night I wanted to write about my first Aikido practice in Shenzhen, but then the day turned to brown, shitty splashed, and I went to bed right after finishing washing clothes, trying to avoid almost anything related to computer or similar.

shitty day

such a shitty day

After ages, since suddenly my laptop decided to not see anymore the iPhone 3Gs (and iTunes installation did not work) I connected the little gadget to my office pc, ran iTunes that before asking for anything else jumped into a software update that I mistakenly accepted.. forgetting to try to backup the system before doing it!!

And of course, things went bad, as I found several feedback on the net: the iPhone stuck during the installation to the point to ask me a completely reset to factory settings in order to proceed.

That means losing all data, pictures, settings of the little shitty tool!!!

Then I spent lunch break and a little more looking for net solutions, finding all the possible good words and more about a couple of small tools (Tiny Umbrella and RecBoot) that of course find so many ways of not working on a 64 bit Win 7 pc and even when they work (RecBoot apparently did connect and fix my mobile) they do not really work!!! Trust me, it is not even closed to be fixed!!

So, at the end of the working day I decided to take a break from pc and similar and have dinner.. picked up my eggs and for some reason the package (new!?) was broken, and 2 splashed on the floor……..


Not my day….

Today it’s a new day, second Aikido session, and I’ll pay enrolling fees and month fee (no better deal.. so it is month by month).

Hope it will be a better day!

My precious – part 2

2 11 2012

Other “babies”.. Safe here!!!

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