One more down, keep counting..

6 07 2016

..let’s see how many more..

(thx Dani for this one)

(thx Tor Magnus, this is me.. us..)

How many did you know?

15 10 2015

Me? Not that many, but one in particular makes me looking forward to 2017!!!

minion collection

43 times childish

6 07 2015

Definitively the video for me today, kindly found by my dear friend Satan, aka Ivan 🙂

Even at home my minions enjoyed the show:

watching their bros

watching their bros

Super special minion!

21 06 2015

Yeah!! The collection maybe will never be completed but yesterday I got a special minion, a fluorescent one:

fluorescent minion

fluorescent minion

Just a few months ago I am pretty sure I would have given away just if asked by **, but she is not around anymore and not being anyone else, I can let my minion family grow 🙂 lucky, uhm? (irony, my armor)

Minions +

10 06 2015

A local supermarket, Plus, has started the best promotion ever: some products or a bought over 15€ will give you Minions!!!


super Minions

Great ad stunt waiting for the movie premiere on the 1st of July, and for some big child like me (and apparently 2-3 of my colleagues as well), for a collection of a funny character.. and trade/exchange of double ones, like my mankini Minion 🙂

I just need to find some pretty girl with the same childish mind to enjoy together the Minion movie!!

Now, some “Banana” of the funniest kind: