Dancers in China

9 04 2012

Just found tonight that a FB friend, Italian like me but resident in Ningbo, a place I have really enjoyed in my couple of visits there, has a couple of interesting videos showing lots about Chinese “culture” (maybe a “little” more interesting for my male friends):

Yes, Chinese dancers are very common in all the clubs everywhere (Hefei as well, but I haven’t managed to film any yet) and when they dance they always move the arms 10 times more than the rest of the body!!!!

Without Aikido I have to find a different way to move and burn some calories.. at least in sweating and watching some of these dancing🙂

Clubbing in Hefei

Clubbing in Hefei - Seven club

Not a surprise I like Ningbo!

25 05 2010

Many more pics from my holidays weekend in Ningbo and especially ZhouShan are coming soon!!


21 05 2010

Little more than 1 hour and I will take a night train to Ningbo for meeting again her, my dear friend Psydee..

I’ve missed her..

She will take me to her home town, the island out of the cost..



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