Sexy Coffee Drinks

11 10 2013

Walking around TrasTevere with Federico, he showed us a quite special caffe’, serving certainly attracting drinks, at least from the names:

Sexy coffee drink in Rome

I do not even try to translate, but I am sure you can find some help passing the drinks’ names trought Google translate, my best friend in China!

Keikogi mixed up!

10 10 2013

Only bad feeling I got from the nice Endo sensei seminat at Aikido Dojo Kashin Roma is an unfortunate mix up of my keikogi jacket that probably happened the last day (Sunday session) and I did not realize until too late:

Top: mine, Tozando (Japan) Bottom: wrong one, Danrho (Korea-Germany)

Top: mine, Tozando (Japan)
Bottom: wrong one, Danrho (Korea-Germany)

It’s 2 weeks now, I posted on FB on my page, the dojo one and several others of German people, but not only present at the seminar. Impossible one did not realize the mistake and talked with other that do have FB..

Anyway.. I post it here as well: if you had before a DanRho keikogi jacket and now you got a Tozando one, 

Give it BACK!!!!!!!!

Rome: Aikido, friends, food and history!

9 10 2013

A few weekends ago I went to Rome for my first experience with Endo sensei in Italy, at Aikido Dojo Kashin Roma. It was then also probably the first time I really understood what sensei was talking about, since his words were translated to Italian!! After listening to Japanese, Finnish, Slovakian, Czech, French and German translations, I can say I was happy for once to struggle less!! (Yeah, I know, I still have missed the Spanish, Bulgarian and Russian seminars of Endo sensei!!)

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